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Elsanna (also known as Icest, Frozencest or Arencest) is the name of the pairing between Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen. Elsanna is frowned upon by many fans due to they're incestuous relationship, nonetheless, it has become significantly in one of the most popular pairings with a strong following.

Relationship Overview

As sisters, Anna and Elsa naturally love one another very much as sisters should. As children, the two were very close, using Elsa's powers to enjoy the joys of winter at anytime and in anyplace. The accident that left a white streak in Anna's hair left Elsa to sever ties between them, leaving both alone and lost until Elsa's coronation.

In the ballroom, they are practically flirting with each other. At the "Hi...Hi me?" part, Elsa starts becoming attracted to Anna. It completely changes the context of the film and adds far more weight to many of Elsa's actions and decisions. After Elsa's powers were revealed in front of the entire kingdom, Anna followed her (with help from Olaf, Sven and Kristoff) up to her brand new Ice Castle. Anna hoped to reconnect their bond, but Elsa tried to talk her into leaving, not wanting to hurt her again. Anna revealed that Elsa accidentally cursed the land in eternal winter, causing Elsa to freeze Anna's heart by accident and forcing her to create Marshmallow to "escort them" out while Elsa pondered what to do.

Hans and his posse managed to take Elsa back to the palace, chaining her in the dungeon, while Kristoff took Anna back to the castle, hoping that a kiss from Hans would break the curse. Hans revealed his intentions to Anna, leaving her to freeze as Elsa's powers caused the dungeons to collapse, allowing her to escape.

Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff and Sven fought against the blizzard on the fjord, as Anna was left with two choices: go to Kristoff and unfreeze her heart or stop Hans and save Elsa. She chose to save Elsa, freezing into solid ice. Elsa wept, her arms over what was left of her sister, only for Anna to return to normal, her actions serving as the act of true love needed to unfreeze her heart. Realizing this, Elsa was able to unfreeze Arendelle and bring back summer, finally gaining control of her magic.

In Frozen Fever, Elsa is obsessing over everything being perfect. The plethora of gifts, the affection in bed and the constant chemistry. In the Chinese Legend, the two people holding a red thread are destined lovers, exactly of the same way with Elsa and Anna.

Their personalities compliment each other perfectly. Anna's exuberant, outgoing manner is exactly what is needed to pull Elsa out of her shell. Elsa's refined, elegant manner and restraint is exactly what is needed to keep Anna somewhat grounded. Every interaction between them (in a relaxed setting) is brimming with affection and love. Normal siblings aren't like this. Sure there's affection but there's just as much throat-tearing, teasing, jealousy, etc...

This pairing is commonly shipped for those who like the romantic and forbidden love, in the opinion of the shippers: It's a taboo relationship. "Many of us shippers are hopeless romantics, and nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than a tale of forbidden love conquering adversity" .

Elsanna took off immediately after the film's release, as did others but these two pairings seem to be one the most popular pairings and also the most criticized, often depicting them as either very close friends or lovers in secret. Because of this, this pairing is commonly geared towards a mature audience.

Rarely, they are represented as non-sisters, namely, as two girls who meet and fall in love. Although it is not as popular as the previous pairing, does have a few devoted shippers.

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