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Elsacest (also known as Elselsa) is one of the more unusual ships in the fandom, pairing Queen Elsa from Frozen with an alternate incarnation of herself. Though not widely popular in the RotBTD fandom, this pairing has a standing among those who prefer the movie alone.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Spawned from fanart, people like to group the different incarnations created from the history of the character in a selfcest relationship and work off a dynamic from there.

Coronation ElsaEdit

The introverted Elsa under control. For most her life, Elsa exiled herself from the rest of the world within her room, her power thrashing and leaking through like a caged lion. This Elsa is especially anxious and prefers to stick to the sidelinesand remain uninvolved in affairs that would risk revealing herself. This Elsa is known to wear her traditional royal wardrobe, her braid tied back in a bun and a crown on her head. Both this Elsa and Snow Queen Elsa are considered to be the official incarnations of Elsa.

Snow Queen ElsaEdit

The free Elsa in control. After her secrets are revealed, Elsa exiled herself deep within the Northern Mountains. With nobody around, Elsa began to loosen up, allowing herself to express both herself and her powers without risk of hurting anybody, creating an ice-staircase, Olaf, an ice castle and her own iconic dress. While also operating with an introverted personality, this Elsa has since made peace with herself and her kingdom, having returned as their Queen and protector. Both this Elsa and Coronation Elsa are considered to be the official incarnations of Elsa.

Ice Queen ElsaEdit

Instead of finding peace in the wilderness, hoping her isolation will keep her sister and kingdom safe from her powers, Elsa becomes bitter and vengeful, scorning her parents for locking her away and inflicting her pain and anguish upon the helpless citizens. In the original draft of Frozen, Elsa was originally meant to be the villain, building an army of ice golems (Marshmallow being the only one to make it in the finished product) with intentions of destruction and/or conquest, unofficially nicknamed Evil Elsa or the "Ice Queen". This version of Elsa was notable for having a "villain's collar" on her clothes and shorter hair parting upward from behind, a trend still found today on fanart. 

Snow King ElisEdit

Elsa's male incarnation. His story is virtually similar to the plights and perils of his original, female counterpart, constructing royal cape and coat similar to Hans using his magic.

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