Elsa's Gloves
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Vital Information
Title Elsa's Gloves
Film Frozen (2013), Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017)
Status Unavailable
Current Location (Left) Unknown, (Right and a few spares) Arendelle
Current Owners
Previous Owners Queen Elsa, (Right glove) Princess Anna

Elsa's Gloves helped her to conceal her ice magic from her hands.


The first pear King Agnarr of Arendelle gave his daughter were white and the ones she wore for the coronation were blue with (what looks like) Arendelle's crest.


After Princess Elsa accidently hit her sister with her magic and both King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of Arendelle separate their daughters from each other and the world, Elsa's fears of harming her sister again was making her freeze anything she touches. So her father gave her a pear of gloves to calm her fears and to help her conceal and not fell her growing magic.

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Elsa's first pear

As Elsa grew older so did the size of her hands and the number of gloves to replace her old small ones until she came of age where she could be crowned queen. Elsa knew that she would have to take them off for when she had to hold the golden orb and scepter scared her, but it only be for a few seconds and she got them back on once the bishop finished his speech; and got only a little bit of ice on the two items.

Later at the ball Anna and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles asked Elsa for her blessing, but the fear of having more people at the castle scared her and Anna had just met Hans, Elsa refused to bless their marriage. After the fight between the sisters Anna grabbed Elsa's right glove and she kept asking her sister 'why' she shuts her and the world around her out and what 'she was so afraid of' until Elsa snapped and her ungloved hand reviled her 'secret'.

Once Elsa was far away from Arendelle and alone in the North Mountain she looked at her left gloved hand before throwing in into the wind. She was in a place where she could start over, be herself and use her magic without fear or worry.

It's likely that the gloves only worked because Elsa's mind was psychologically adapted to them since her father said that they would help, this is hinted later on in the film when she easily destroys the cylinder shaped metal that covered her hands.

In the short film Olaf's Frozen Adventure, it is reveled that Elsa owns a large amount of gloves, with the spare ones being stored away in a trunk in the castle's attic, along with other childhood belongings.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Its possible that the gloves had absorbed Elsa's abilities and allows the wearer to control, wield and create ice. But if they had absorbed Elsa's fears of harming Anna again and becoming a danger, then the gloves will make the wearer fear his or herself; making them the perfect weapon for Pitch.


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