North and queen elinor by aznara-d5sirwg

 (also known as Mrs. Claus) between Nicholas St. North from Rise of the Guardians and Queen Elinor from Brave. Though it is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, it has many supporters.

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Much like Stoick, many fans like to compare North to that of Elinor's husband King Fergus. They both serve as paternal figures to their own respective allies (or in North's case, as a father-figure without actually being their father) and shares a love of battle and his allies, though much wiser and reserved when needed compared to Fergus.

As an immortal, North would desire some level of companionship with other human beings (North being the only other Guardian other than Jack to have been completely human) and Elinor would suit this role well. It could be possible that Elinor knew of Santa Claus (or whatever equivalent she would be familiar with) when she was a child and that the events of Brave would rekindle her belief in such impossible things, allowing her to see him. Elinor might even remind North of his first real friend Katherine

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