Eduardo Perez
Vital statistics
Title Eduardo Perez (Restaurant Owner name), El Macho (Supervillain name)
Gender Male
Film Despicable Me 2 (2013)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Antonio Perez (Son)
Friends Pollito (Pet Chicken), Evil Minions (army), Dr. Nefario (formerly)
Enemies Silas Ramsbottom, The Minions, Felonius Gru, Margo Gru, Edith Gru, Agnes Gru, Lucy Wilde, Dr. Nefario
El Macho, also known as Eduardo Perez is the owner of the Mexican restaurant Salsa & Salsa in the Paradise Mall and the main antagonist in Despicable Me 2. Only a few know that he is actually the illustrious El Macho, a renowned, nearly superhuman-level strong bank robber. The undercover supervillain has now returned to hold the world hostage, using the deadly mutagen, PX-41, to form indestructible, mindless, killing, and bloodthirsty henchmen.

He has a son named Antonio, who was Margo's first known boyfriend, though the flirtatious child later cheated on her.

Appearance Edit


Eduardo is a very short, heavy-set Mexican man with long black hair that reaches his shoulders. According to Felonius Gru's flashbacks, twenty years ago, Eduardo was taller and more muscular than he is in the present day, and had longer black hair. In the present day, Eduardo only stands at 5'4, which is about Gru's shoulder height. Eduardo also has a lot of chest hair, as seen when he displays the Mexican flag tattooed on his chest.

Personality Edit

According to Gru, twenty years ago Eduardo is "ruthless, dangerous, and as the name 'El Macho' implies, very macho". In the present day, he is generally friendly and also cares a lot about his pet chicken, El Pollito. When provoked, however, he will seek to kill the object of his wrath, as demonstrated when he hunts down Gru and Lucy in Salsa & Salsa and when he fights Gru at his home. He used his charms to fool other people, so he can keep his villain identity a secret, until he was ready to unleash his plan and attack on the world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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