Eep Crood
Vital statistics
Title Eep Crood
Gender Female
Film The Croods (2013)
Status Alive
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Family Grug Crood, Ugga Crood, Thunk Crood, Gran, Sandy Crood
Friends Guy, Belt
"It won't help. They're my family."
—- Eep Crood

Eep Crood is the teenage daughter of Grug Crood and is the eldest of her siblings. 

Appearance Edit

Eep is a Homo neanderthalensis, or a Neanderthal. She has a tough bonestructure and an ape-like posture. She has green eyes, sharp teeth and red hair parted on both sides of her head. She was deeply tanned skin and wears tigerskin held up by a string wrapped around her neck.

Personality Edit

Eep is shown to be imaginative and extremely curious, and believes that there is a world beyond her family's cave and hunting grounds, which proves to be true. Eep is extremely strong, with cat-like movements. She is an excellent hunter, second best to her dad, if not better. She likes to stay outside as much as possible, and she hates the cave. In her profile, Eep is said to like 'running, jumping, and chasing mammoths.' Eep is constantly arguing with her father about her own safety; Eep believes she can take care of herself, while Grug thinks the exact opposite. Around Guy, she acts rather shy and bashful. When nervous or irritated, Eep is shown to pull on her hair.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a neanderthal, she is shown to be incredibly strong and fast, using all four of her limbs with equal stamina and skill. 

Weapons Edit

As a neanderthal, Eep's use of tools is somewhat limited to the point where she uses none. After staying with Guy, she learns skills such as using spears, fire and well-constructed traps.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Relationships Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

It is unknown what their interactions would be like but it can be assumed that Hiccup would see Eep as primitive and savage, but overtime the two would get along.

Jack FrostEdit

Being naive, Eep would most likely be able to see Jack, and the two would become friends very fast because Eep would be fascinated with Jack's ice powers and Jack would be interested in Eep as a neanderthal.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Their personalities would clash at first. However, after a while the two would get along. And both are similar in some ways. Both rebel against their parents and both are great combatants.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

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