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DreamWorks Dragons is an American computer-animated television series based on the 2010 film How to Train Your Dragon. The series serves as a bridge between the first film and its 2014 sequel, showing every step of the plot and revealing secrets that the movies did not tell. A one hour preview consisting of two episodes aired on August 7, 2012, with the official premiere of the series on September 4, 2012. A total of 40 episodes aired on Cartoon Network during the first two seasons, subtitled Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk respectively while a third season entitled Race to the Edge debuted on Netflix on June 26, 2015.

DreamWorks Dragons was announced by Cartoon Network on October 12, 2010. Unlike previous DreamWorks Animation TV series spin-offs, it has a much darker and deeper tone, similar to the movie. It is the first DreamWorks Animation series for Cartoon Network rather than Nickelodeon.

The series features Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T. J. Miller and David Tennant reprising their roles from the How to Train Your Dragon film. New cast members includes Julie Marcus and Andree Vermeulen as Ruffnut (who was previously voiced by Kristen Wiig), Zack Pearlman as Snotlout (who was previously voiced by Jonah Hill), Chris Edgerly as Gobber the Belch (who was previously voiced by Craig Ferguson), and Nolan North as Stoick the Vast (who was previously voiced by Gerard Butler).


Following directly after the events of How to Train Your Dragon but before How to Train Your Dragon 2, Riders of Berk follows Hiccup as he tries to keep balance within the new cohabitation of Dragons and Vikings. Alongside keeping up with Berk's newest installment — A Dragon Training Academy — Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the Viking Teens are put to the test when they are faced with new worlds harsher than Berk, new dragons that can't all be trained, and new enemies who are looking for every reason to destroy the harmony between Vikings and Dragons all together.


Dragon RidersEdit

  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (voiced by Jay Baruchel) — The sarcastic, sophisticated, and intelligent teenage protagonist of the series and Head Dragon Trainer of the Berk Dragon Academy. As the frictions of human/dragon co-habitation on the Isle of Berk become apparent, Hiccup is charged with resolving them as the leader of the Dragon Academy with his skills as a "born-leader", thinker, planner and an unparalleled rider. He lost the lower part of his left leg in the fall following the fight with the Red Death in the series's feature film. Since the beginning of the second season, Hiccup's weapon-of-choice is multi-purpose shield, developed himself using Gronckle Iron as its primary material, providing both offense and defense when Toothless is unavailable to fight in battle.
  • Astrid Hofferson (voiced by America Ferrera) — Striking, energetic and tough, Astrid is Hiccup's close friend, mutual love interest, and right-hand woman as second-in-command of the Dragon Academy. An exceptionally skilled teenaged warrior of Berk who is equally formidable with either weapons or her dragon, she is shown to have an occasional temper as well as a tough personality. But under her tough surface, she is caring and willing to do anything to protect her friends, especially Hiccup and her dragon.
  • Fishlegs Ingerman (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) — Normally nervous and timid, Fishlegs has an inexhaustible arsenal of dragon-based facts and enjoys studying and learning about dragons (among other things). Fishlegs, like Hiccup, is intelligent, but he prefers learning from books rather than Hiccup's riskier hands-on approach. He is extremely reluctant to fight or put himself or his dragon in danger, often voicing his pessimistic feelings towards a risky plan's worst possible outcome. His aversion to danger is the primary reason why he's not remarkably skilled as a rider, but he's still a very valuable member of the team.
  • Snotlout Jorgenson (voiced by Zack Pearlman) — Unintelligent, brash, vain, tactless and overconfident, Snotlout is a tough, ideally-trained warrior. Snotlout is also a typical bully, often trying to push around the other youth riders but usually faltering in a situation where he does not appear to have a clear advantage. He shows romantic interest in Astrid and constantly tries (unsuccessfully) to impress her. While he boasts of having superior abilities as a warrior and dragon rider, his skills as a rider are somewhat lacking, though the fault is not entirely Snotlout's.
  • Tuffnut Thorston (voiced by T. J. Miller) and Ruffnut Thorston (voiced by Julie Marcus in Season 1, Andree Vermeulen in Season 2) – Male and female fraternal twins of the youth Viking group, they both have low intelligence and a rather crude, immature personality; they are often found pulling mindless pranks around Berk, admiring disaster and destruction, or, most often, beating each other. As riders, they may be better than some of the other teens, if not for their sibling rivalry, which usually translates to opposite commands being given to their dragon, resulting in very chaotic flying/crashing as the dragon tries to follow both commands simultaneously. However, while almost always arguing or at odds with each other, they are inseparable, and where ever one goes, the other is not far behind.

Inhabitants of BerkEdit

  • Stoick the Vast (voiced by Nolan North) — The Chief of Berk and father to Hiccup, Stoick is immensely strong, utterly fearless and a fierce warrior, embodying the traditional Viking virtues. Next to caring for Hiccup, Stoick considers the safety of Berk his top priority, even at the cost of the dragons. Despite initial reluctance, he gradually allows Hiccup more responsibility and becomes more open to his suggestions and beliefs. As the series progresses, Stoick is often found more in favour of dragons on Berk and does go out of his way to defend and protect them, especially after the initial attack of Alvin the Treacherous and bonding with his own dragon, Thornado.
  • Gobber the Belch (voiced by Chris Edgerly) — The blacksmith of Berk, Stoick's closest friend, and Hiccup's mentor. As a veteran dragon-fighter, he is able to contribute his own knowledge of dragons. His duties expanded to include being a veterinarian for both the dragons (though primarily as a dentist) and the livestock of Berk after the peace with the dragons left him without work. He also acts as a voice of reason for Stoick, a voice of experience for Hiccup, and sometimes a mediator between the two of them. Gobber had lost a hand, foot and tooth in battle with dragons over his lifetime, and he then replaced them with prosthetics built in his smithy. He also replaced Hiccup's left lower leg after Hiccup lost it in the original film.
  • Mulch (voiced by Tim Conway) — One of the Viking farmers responsible for gathering and producing food for the village. Unlike his partner Bucket, Mulch is more intelligent and independent, and is therefore charged with keeping an eye on Bucket due to the latter's lack of both said qualities. He is missing his right hand and his left leg and has had them replaced with a hook and a peg leg.
  • Bucket (voiced by Thomas F. Wilson) — A rather simple-minded and soft-hearted farmer who is named after the bucket he always wears on his head. Bucket suffered a blow to the head in a dragon battle which lead to him, in addition to always wearing a bucket, suffering memory loss, an inability to perform tasks without supervision and, surprisingly, possessing artistic talent. Like Mulch, Bucket lost his right hand and has had it replaced with a hook.
  • Spitelout Jorgenson (voiced by David Tennant) — Snotlout's father, whose personality is very similar to Snotlout's. A strong and confident Viking warrior, he expects the same results out of his son. Spitelout takes pride in his son's achievements, but often is unforgiving of his failures.
  • Gothi — An elderly woman who serves as the village's shaman. As a mute, she communicates by gesturing or drawing lines and hieroglyphic-like pictures in the dirt with her staff that Gobber translates, sometimes with mixed success.


  • Mildew (voiced by Stephen Root) — Mildew is a cantankerous, spiteful, aged Berk local. Mildew lives reclusively in a house outside of the village by himself and festers a strong hatred of dragons. He is widely disliked by the residents of Berk, but he is, nonetheless, capable of swaying public opinion and rallying riots against the dragons, should the situation allow it, thanks to his clever and patient mentality. His hatred for dragons extends to include Hiccup, as Hiccup is the head dragon trainer, frequent advocate for all the dragons, and the primary cause of failure for most of Mildew's schemes to have the dragons evicted or killed. This leads to Mildew siding with the Outcast Tribe as their Dragon Trainer upon him faking his fall from Toothless.
  • Alvin the Treacherous (voiced by Mark Hamill) — Impatient, merciless, and always desiring action, Alvin the Treacherous is the leader of the Outcast Tribe and the main antagonist of the first season. Exiled from Berk for an unspecified treachery, he plots to invade the village and displace Stoick to claim the island as his own. Plagued by dragon attacks as Berk once was, he seeks to capture Hiccup who he knows as the "Dragon Conqueror" in hope of training and controlling dragons for his own schemes. In the season one finale, he learns how to control dragons from Mildew and earns the trust of a Whispering Death bringing a new era to the Outcast Tribe. Later on, after initially allying with the Berserkers he ends up becoming a pawn in Dagur's plot to capture Toothless, and he is betrayed and left for dead by Dagur. During this time, it was revealed that Alvin used to be friends with Stoick sometime before his exile. After Alvin saves Snotlout and offers to help the Hooligans,with help from the Dragon Riders, Alvin ended up working with Hiccup and Stoick to free Toothless and defeat the Berserkers. Afterwards, Alvin and the Outcasts went back to Outcast Island as Alvin was glad to work with Stoick again just like old times.
  • Savage (voiced by Paul Rugg) — Savage is another member of the Outcast Tribe. He is Alvin's right-hand man and top lieutenant, though he is often threatened by Alvin. After Alvin's 'death' he is press-ganged to join Dagur. After Dagur's defeat, he serves as the former's right hand man before going out on his own in Season 4 of Race to the Edge.
  • Dagur the Deranged (voiced by David Faustino) – The half-crazed teenaged leader of the Berserkers, and the main antagonist of Season Two. Dagur the Deranged replaced his "retired" father Oswald the Agreeable and pursues a mission to bring the Berserkers back to their former, bloodthirsty glory, believing his father to have been "a coward" due to Oswald's rather more assumed merciful personality. After confirming that Hiccup and Stoick had lied and Berk had been training dragons, Dagur now sets out to ensure Hiccup and Toothless are defeated. Unlike Alvin who recognizes the potential of using dragons, Dagur only sees them as game to be hunted for sport, and he becomes obsessed with hunting and catching Toothless. Dagur later made a shaky alliance with Alvin to defeat the Hooligans, then betrays him and forces the Outcasts to join his already-vast armada. With help from Alvin and the Dragon Riders, Hiccup was able to defeat Dagur and the Berserkers. Dagur is then captured by Alvin and imprisoned for the next three years, but eventually escapes and becomes obsessed with retrieving an artifact called the Dragon's Eye, which he lost to Hiccup in a face-off. He is later revealed to be Heather's long-lost brother. Following Season 2 of Race to the Edge, he starts to acknowledge the aims of the Dragon Riders and, along with Heather, starts to help them. He even becomes a Dragon Rider with his own Gronckle, Shattermaster, and later on, a Triple Stryke, Sleuther, whom the Dragon Riders had previously trained.
  • The Screaming Death - A huge albino variant of the Whispering Death. Born once every hundred years this particular dragon species can reach increasing colossal sizes to that of the Whispering Death. Unlike other dragons, it is capable of rapid firing its own flames in rapid succession. In addition, unlike its predecessor, it is not weak to light and it possesses a screech, rather than a whisper, that can disorient other dragons. Despite its size, it maintains its rapid fire ability, but so far has been constantly overpowered by a team effort from all the Academy riders. Though despite its multiple losses, Hiccup is certain that each time the Screaming Death will return with greater vengeance.
  • Viggo Grimborn (voiced by Alfred Molina) - The leader of the Dragon Hunters and main antagonist in Dragons: Race to the Edge. He knows everything there is to know about dragons, clashes with Hiccup and the riders over the Dragon Eye, which has belonged to his tribe for centuries. Unlike his brother, Ryker, he's very smart. He also gets frustrated by Ryker's lack of vision. Viggo is a master tactician, and uses his intellect to outwit his enemies. Viggo is willing to make sacrifices to get what he wants. He let his own men die from the Scourge of Odin just so he could capture the Buffalord. While Hiccup is an adversary, the two of them share a mutual respect.
  • Ryker Grimborn (voiced by JB Blanc) - As the brother of Viggo Grimborn, he's the muscle and the type of character that wants to just run in and start beating everybody up and killing everything, while Viggo is the tactical one. Ryker is as direct in purpose as he is in combat. The elder Grimborn cares only about wealth and will overpower any obstacle, human or dragon, in his obsession for greater riches. Ryker simply takes what he wants, uses it his benefit, and then discards it like a shed dragon skin. But underneath his crazy persona, Ryker shows his care for his sibling, Viggo as He is his brother and Always remember that, in spite of his fear.
  • Krogan (voiced by Hakeem Kae-Kazim) - One of the main antagonists of Season 5 of Race to the Edge and quite ruthless in his goals. He is implied to be working for Drago Bludvist, the antagonist of the second movie.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Trader Johann (voiced by Michael Goldstrom) — Trader Johann is a seafaring trader who visits Berk on occasion. As a trader, he selects his items for trade by uniqueness, quality, and/or capability, claiming to use any tactic necessary to possess it (for instance, wrestling a colossal squid for ink or personally contacting authors for books). His fondness for the residents of Berk increased since Hiccup rescued him and returned his stolen ship (though not for Snotlout and the twins), and has returned the favor by smuggling Stoick and the riders onto Outcast island to rescue Hiccup. In Season 5 of Race to the Edge, however, he is revealed to be secretly working with the Dragon Hunters.
  • Heather (voiced by Mae Whitman) —Heather is the daughter of Oswald the Agreeable and sister to Dagur the Deranged. From a very young age, she was separated from her real family and then taken in by a couple who raised her as their own daughter. She makes a brief appearance in the first season but later returns as a series regular in season three and bonds with a Razorwhip dragon named Windshear.
  • Defenders of the Wing - A tribe of warriors who worship dragons as holy beings led by Queen Mala, they are at war with Viggo Grimborn and his Dragon Hunters, and therefore are distrusting of outsiders such as Hiccup and and the other dragon riders of Berk. They also know nothing of riding or training dragons, as their culture forbids it. They live on an island in the shadow of a volcano that is home to an enormous dragon called an Eruptodon, which they worship and protect at all costs, as it feeds on the lava of the volcano, preventing their village from being destroyed. They first appear in the episode "Defenders of the Wing: Part 1."


  • Toothless — A male Night Fury befriended by Hiccup, Toothless is the only dragon that cannot fly without his rider, due to him having lost his left tail fin in the feature film. He is the fastest, most intelligent and rarest dragon on Berk. Toothless has an extremely strong friendship with Hiccup ever since he helped him to fly again. When compared to the other dragons, Stoick observes that he hasn't "seen a dragon that can hold a candle to a Night Fury."
  • Stormfly — A blue, female Deadly Nadder befriended by Astrid. Like Hiccup and Toothless, Astrid and Stormfly are extremely loyal to one another and display exceptional teamwork. She and Toothless share a friendly rivalry in most of the competitions Hiccup and Astrid devise for the academy. In addition to her fire bursts, Stormfly can launch poisonous spines from her tail.
  • Meatlug — A brown, female Gronckle who bonded with Fishlegs. Because of her husky size and short wingspan, she lacks the aerobatic maneuverability and speed of other dragons. She and Fishlegs have a very close, albeit, overly nurturing relationship. She also can eat a particular combination of iron ore and rocks and regurgitate a highly prized metal known as "dragon steel."
  • Hookfang — A red, male Monstrous Nightmare, ridden by Snotlout. Hookfang has a habit of attacking Snotlout or abandoning him when Snotlout tries to assert dominance. He is often distracted and doesn't always pay attention to Snotlout. Despite Snotlout's pride and their sometimes antagonistic behavior towards each other, they are shown to be extremely close.
  • Barf and Belch — A green, male, two-headed Hideous Zippleback jointly ridden by the twins, normally with Ruffnut sitting on the dragon's right head, named Barf (which breathes explosive gas), and Tuffnut sitting on the dragon's left head, named Belch (which can ignite said gas). The heads are usually agreeable, but can have difficulty flying when their riders start to disagree, although it has been shown that the twins are the only ones able to successfully control the dragon, though with occasional mixed results.
  • Thornado — Named for having the strength of Thor and the power of a tornado, Thornado is a blue, male Thunderdrum and Stoick's bonded dragon; he emits sonic blasts instead of fire. Stoick gained his trust and friendship after helping him defend an injured friend from a pack of hungry wild boars. Like his rider, Thornado is rather stubborn, although he and Stoick are, regardless, just as close with one another as the other riders and their dragons. Stoick reluctantly releases Thornado late in Season Two because Thornado wants to take care of three wild orphaned baby Thunderdrums.


Cartoon Network Episodes Edit

Season 1: Riders of Berk (2012–2013)Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
1 1 "How to Start a Dragon Academy" Anthony Bell Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh August 7, 2012 2.05

Having made peace and now living among the Vikings, the dragons' natural behavior leads to chaos on the Isle of Berk. This causes Stoick to reconsider allowing the dragons to roam freely on Berk. It is up to Hiccup and his friends to convince him otherwise.

Note: This episode was shown as a sneak peek. 

2 2 "Viking for Hire" John Sanford Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 7, 2012 2.052

The peace with the dragons has put Gobber out of business as a weaponry blacksmith. Feeling responsible, Hiccup tries to help find a new job for Gobber, however Gobber's slightly eccentric and overenthusiastic personality makes this difficult.

Note: This episode was shown as a sneak peek. 

3 3 "Animal House" John Eng Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh September 4, 2012 2.04
The dragons unintentionally cripple Berk's food productivity by terrifying the local livestock, and with the year's first winter storm coming, the dragon-riding Viking youths of Berk must try and familiarize the local animals with their dragon companions if they are to have enough food for the winter. 
4 4 "The Terrible Twos" Louie del Carmen & Joe Sichta Jim Cooper September 11, 2012 1.81
Hiccup finds an injured baby dragon in the woods. Noting that this dragon is an undocumented species, he takes it in for care and closer study. The teens name it a "Typhoomerang", but Toothless appears jealous and does not warm up to the energetic newcomer. Meanwhile, the baby's mother makes her way toward Berk to find her lost son. 
5 5 "In Dragons We Trust" John Sanford Art Brown & Douglas Sloan September 18, 2012 1.79
The dragons are blamed for vandalism, and Hiccup tries to prove their innocence by forming a night patrol called the "Dragon United Monitoring Brigade" (DUMB), but not in time to prevent the dragons' banishment from the island. Hiccup begins to suspect that Mildew is responsible for the damage. 
6 6 "Alvin and the Outcasts" John Eng Jim Cooper September 25, 2012 1.668
Continuing from the previous episode, Hiccup attempts to find evidence that Mildew caused the damage to the village, hoping to exonerate the banished dragons. Meanwhile, Alvin the Treacherous of the Outcast Tribe launches a raid on the Isle of Berk in order to find and capture the "Dragon Conqueror". 
7 7 "How To Pick Your Dragon" Louie del Carmen & Joe Sichta Art Brown & Douglas Sloan October 3, 2012 2.115
Hiccup convinces Stoick to ride a dragon to aid him in his duties as chief, but he quickly insists on riding Toothless on a regular basis, to both Toothless and Hiccup's dismay. Meanwhile, a mysterious dragon has been attacking the tribe's fishing ships. 
8 8 "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man" John Sanford Jim Cooper October 10, 2012 1.928
A traditional painted portrait of Berk's Chief and his son exaggerates Hiccup's muscularity and size and causes him to worry that he is not Stoick's ideal son. Hiccup is determined to prove himself by accomplishing the treasure-hunting quest of Hamish II, a quest that even Stoick and Gobber had not been able to complete. 
9 9 "Dragon Flower" John Eng Jim Cooper October 17, 2012 1.795
Immediately after the visit of the renowned Trader Johann, all dragons on the Isle of Berk are mysteriously falling ill. When Mildew is discovered responsible, he is forced to help Hiccup, Stoick, and Gobber find and capture a ferocious water dragon called the Scauldron in order to concoct an antidote before it is too late (after the Scauldron bites Mildew's butt). 
10 10 "Heather Report Part 1" Louie del Carmen Art Brown & Douglas Sloan November 14, 2012 1.803
The teens of Berk find a mysterious girl named Heather on Thor's Beach. While Hiccup and the other teens openly welcome the newcomer, Astrid's jealousy turns to suspicion when she notices Heather is taking an unusual interest in the Book of Dragons. Unfortunately it is found she was working with the outcasts and she gives the ancient Dragon Manual to Alvin! 
11 11 "Heather Report Part 2" John Sanford Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan November 21, 2012 2.211
Heather's betrayal to Berk caused the "Book of Dragons" to fall into Alvin the Treacherous' hands, and Heather's imprisonment on Berk. In order to get the book back from Alvin, Astrid disguises herself as Heather and goes into Outcast Territory. Towards the end of her mission, Astrid learns and confirms Heather's true motives for helping the Outcasts-freeing her parents. 
12 12 "Thawfest" John Eng Jim Cooper and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan November 28, 2012 1.581
Berk's annual festive sporting competition, the Thawfest games, is underway and all the teens are participating with the dragons for the first time in Viking history. Hiccup is determined to finally best Snotlout, who constantly gloats about being the reigning Thawfest champion, but Hiccup's successes begin to make him arrogant and boastful, much to Astrid's displeasure and disappointment. 
13 13 "When Lightning Strikes" John Sanford Justin Hook December 5, 2012 2.231

Sudden lightning storms are endangering the residents of Berk and it is believed that Thor is angry at the island. Mildew leads the superstitious villagers into blaming Toothless, "the unholy offspring of [lightning] and death itself", for the lightning, leaving Hiccup to find the true answers for Thor's sudden destructive anger.

Note: While this episode's production number is 14, it was aired beforehand.

14 14 "What Flies Beneath" Louie del Carmen Jim Cooper and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 6, 2013 1.453

Toothless encounters a Whispering Death, that happens to be a rival from his past. Blinded by their grudge against each other, Toothless runs away to confront the rival alone. Hiccup must find Toothless and reason with him before the rivalry turns fatal.

Note: This episode was originally titled, "No Country for Old Dragons". While this episode's production number is 15, it was aired beforehand.

15 15 "Twinsanity" Louie del Carmen F.M. De Marco, Mark Hoffmeier, Jack Thomas and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 13, 2013 1.480

Dagur the Deranged visits Berk to renew a peace treaty between the Hooligan Tribe of Berk and the Berserkers, and the dragons are put into hiding to dispel rumours that Berk is training a dragon army. But when Ruffnut and Tuffnut begin to fight, their dragon, Barf and Belch, is left out of control. The Viking teenagers must bring the twins back together to control their dragon and avoid provoking Dagur to war.

Note: While this episode's production number is 13, its airing was delayed twice.

16 16 "Defiant One" John Eng Art Brown & Douglas Sloan and Jim Cooper February 20, 2013 1.65
Caught in a waterspout, Toothless' prosthetic tail is damaged, rendering him unable to fly and thus leaving him, Hiccup and Snotlout stranded on Outcast Island. The three must work together to repair the damage, overcome the rivalry between Hiccup and Snotlout and return home to Berk before they are captured by Alvin and the Outcasts. 
17 17 "Breakneck Bog" John Sanford Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 27, 2013 1.410
When Hiccup discovers Trader Johann's ship was shipwrecked in a rumored haunted bog with a gift made for him by his mother, he will stop at nothing to retrieve it -not even being followed by a "fogmonster". 
18 18 "Gem of a Different Color" John Eng Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan March 6, 2013 1.594
When Snotlout and the villagers mistake color-changing dragon eggs for gems that bring good fortune, Fishlegs, who is responsible for the eggs' discovery, must take a stand against Snotlout,who is trying to sell the eggs, and reunite them with their Changewing mothers before they destroy Berk. 
19 19 "We Are Family Part 1" John Sanford Art Brown and Douglas Sloan March 13, 2013 1.834
During Berk's annual Bork week celebrations, Hiccup is granted access to Bork the Bold's private and personal archives. When he finds information and a map about an island inhabited by Night Furies within Bork's notes, Hiccup is determined to bring Toothless to his family. After discovering that the Bork notes are fakes made by the Outcasts, the duo tries to flee, but are captured by Alvin. 
20 20 "We Are Family Part 2" Elaine Bogan & John Sanford Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan March 20, 2013 2.232

After being captured, Hiccup discovers that Mildew has joined the Outcasts. However, Mildew is also imprisoned when he's no longer of any use to Alvin now that he has Hiccup. Hiccup reluctantly allows Mildew to help him find Toothless and escape Outcast Island, a final test for Mildew's loyalty to Berk. After Hiccup and Toothless escape, Mildew betrays the dragon riders, and teaches Alvin how to train a Whispering Death.

Note: This episode marks the end of Season 1: Riders of Berk

Season 2: Defenders of Berk (2013–2014)Edit

The second season, subtitled Defenders of Berk and consisting of 20 episodes, premiered on September 19, 2013.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
21 1 "Live and Let Fly" Anthony Bell Art Brown and Douglas Sloan September 19, 2013 1.773
Concerned that Alvin and the Outcast Tribe are planning an attack on Berk, Stoick institutes flight restrictions on the dragon academy. Certain that Alvin will also use his newfound dragon-training knowledge to bolster any attack, Hiccup forms a secret “Dragon Flight Club” in order to train the kids to defend Berk against a potential dragon army-not realizing that Stoick's flight ban was for everyone except Stoick himself. Alvin and the Outcasts plant a cache of Whispering Death eggs in the caverns under Berk... 
22 2 "The Iron Gronckle" John Sanford Jack Thomas September 26, 2013 1.408
Fishlegs discovers that Meatlug can produce "Gronckle Iron", a lightweight but extremely strong metal. Because their slow speed had previously allowed an Outcast boat to escape, Fishlegs decides that producing Gronckle Iron is a more helpful task than flying with the other teens, until Meatlug ends up ingesting a magnetic rock, attracting all the metal in the village-including Hiccup's metal leg. 
23 3 "The Night and the Fury" Louie del Carmen Jack Thomas October 3, 2013 1.094
When Hiccup and the others go to Dragon Island to train their stealth and survival instincts without the help of their dragons, Hiccup reluctantly gets caught up in dragon-hunting with Dagur the Deranged, who is also on the island to find and kill Toothless in order to restore the honor of the Berserkers. 
24 4 "Tunnel Vision" Elaine Bogan and John Eng Mark Hoffmeier October 10, 2013 1.390
When the town's well runs dry, Hiccup and Toothless discover a group of baby Whispering Death dragons in the tunnels underneath the village, planted there by Alvin and the Outcasts, and discover a new dragon, the Screaming Death. The teens must drive the Screaming Death and the Whispering Death hatchlings away from the village before they destroy Berk. 
25 5 "Race to Fireworm Island" John Sanford F.M. De Marco October 17, 2013 1.335
When Hookfang's flame goes out after Snotlout pushes his training too hard, the kids have to figure out how to reignite it with the burning heat of Fireworm dragons before it's too late, but not before discovering that Fireworms act similar to bees in a beehive, and they have an angry queen, too! 
26 6 "Fright of Passage" Louie del Carmen F.M. De Marco October 24, 2013 1.242
Every decade, Arvendole's Fire arrives to Berk, inviting a ghostly dragon, the Flightmare, to the village. Astrid, with the help of Hiccup and Fishlegs, is determined to defeat this dragon, which seemingly "froze" her uncle with fear, in order to restore her family name. Meanwhile, Ruffnut and Tuffnut create a bunker at the Academy to hide from the Flightmare, allowing everyone in except Snotlout, instead demanding a superfluous amount of unusual tasks, such as bringing rainbow chickens, singing Terrible Terrors, and fish dressed like Stoick to mess around with him. 
27 7 "Worst in Show" John Sanford F.M. De Marco, Mark Hoffmeier, & Jack Thomas and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan November 7, 2013 1.55
When the team has an argument about who is the best dragon trainer, a "competition" take place to see who is the best dragon trainer despite Hiccup the only member who keeps telling them that it is not a competition. They each receive a Terrible Terror and are given one day to train it and teach it tricks, such as head butting, controlled fire shooting, and some dog-like tricks. While wrapped up in trying to beat Snotlout, Fishlegs fails to notice that Meatlug caught and followed the outcasts' scent which leads to her being captured! 
28 8 "Appetite for Destruction" Elaine Bogan & Adam Henry Mark Hoffmeier & Jack Thomas November 14, 2013 1.339
When the nearby islands begin to disappear and the dragons that used to inhabit them begin migrating to Dragon Island, the teens discover that the cause of this is the Screaming Death, who has returned seeking vengeance. The Screaming Death happened to be digging shafts underneath the island that were large enough to cause the islands to collapse into the sea, forcing dragons to abandon their homes. The teens have to stop the Screaming Death before it causes Berk to collapse. 
29 9 "Zippleback Down" Louie del Carmen Mark Hoffmeier and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan November 21, 2013 1.189
Barf and Belch are Tuffnut’s only guard when he gets caught in an old dragon trap in the forest. Things go from bad to worse when Tuffnut is faced with not only a large Typhoomerang, but also an incoming deadly forest fire that threatens him and both the dragons. 
30 10 "A View to a Skrill Part 1" Elaine Bogan Jack Thomas December 5, 2013 1.42
When the dragon riders discover a Skrill, a lightning-powered dragon revered by the Berserkers,that happens to be frozen in ice, they scramble to get it off Berk. But when the Skrill is thawed out and unleashed, Hiccup and Toothless are faced with a battle between both the Skrill and Dagur the Deranged’s Berserker armada, which could prove to be more than Hiccup and Toothless can handle. 
31 11 "A View to a Skrill Part 2" John Sanford Mark Hoffmeier December 5, 2013 1.459
When Alvin the Treacherous captures the Skrill, Hiccup, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut go undercover to discover that a truce is in the process of being formed between the Outcasts and the Berserkers to invade Berk with the Skrill as their weapon. The trio must now flee to release the Skrill from their control before the truce can be settled. However, Dagur betrays Alvin, claiming that because the Skrill is the Beserker's emblem, that they have full control over it. 
32 12 "The Flight Stuff" Louie del Carmen F.M. De Marco, Mark Hoffmeier, Jack Thomas and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2014 1.818
Snotlout becomes convinced he is dying having seen "The five signs of Valhalla", claiming that after seeing a singing tree, falling chickens, and sheep chasing him, etc, that he would die, and wants young Gustav to be his replacement including taking care of Hookfang in case he died. But when Snotlout "miraculously" recovers (the five signs he saw were really pranks played by Ruffnut and Tuffnut), he takes his dragon back, and Gustav decides to get a dragon of his own (named Fanghook) and join the academy… whether they want him to or not. 
33 13 "Free Scauldy" Adam Henry Jack Thomas January 15, 2014 1.549
While on patrol for the Screaming Death, Hiccup, Toothless, Fishlegs and the twins discover an injured Scauldron on Changewing island. The Scauldron rebuffs their attempts for help, so no one but Ruffnut seems to calm it down. She trains the dragon and the gang are able to help it. Ruffnut sacrifices her long braides in order to finish the support for the wing before the Changewings get them. 
34 14 "Frozen" John Sanford F.M. De Marco January 22, 2014 1.459
After rescuing Trader Johann, Hiccup and Toothless return from a mission to find Berk mysteriously empty. They discover that the village has been overrun by Speed Stingers, a non-flying dragon that move at blindingly fast speeds and can paralyze their victims with their tails. The Speed Stingers have trekked across the frozen sea to Berk and driven everyone out of town. Now, Hiccup must find a way to drive the Speed Stinger horde away from Berk before their next raid. 
35 15 "A Tale of Two Dragons" Louie del Carmen F.M. De Marco, Mark Hoffmeier, Jack Thomas and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 29, 2014 1.459
Hiccup must mend fences between Astrid and Snotlout when Stormfly and Hookfang start fighting more ferociously than ever. Astrid and Snotlout must grudgingly work together to find the cause of the feud, if they want their dragons to stay in the academy. Meanwhile, Fishlegs makes a startling discovery that could end up affecting not just Stormfly and Hookfang, but all their dragons. 
36 16 "The Eel Effect" Adam Henry Sam Cherington February 5, 2014 1.879
While gathering medicine for an Eel Pox epidemic on Berk, Toothless eats a red eel attacking Hiccup after he falls into eel infested waters. This causes Toothless to come down with the dragons' version of Eel Pox, skittish and uncontrollable fire power. To make things worse the ingredients needed to cure the illness are in Toothless' satchel and all but Fishlegs has been caught sick. With little time to lose, Hiccup and Fishlegs must find a way to cure Toothless and get the stuff for the cure back to Berk. 
37 17 "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Elaine Bogan F.M. De Marco February 12, 2014 1.868
When Trader Johann delivers mass quantities of metal to Berk that came from Breakneck Bog, the island becomes infested with Smothering Smokebreaths, that steal the town's metal to build a new nest. With no metal, and especially no weapons to protect their village, Hiccup and the others must find a way to get rid of the rogue dragons, only to discover that the Smokebreaths' appearance was planned as an attack by Dagur the Deranged. 
38 18 "Bing! Bam! Boom!" Louie del Carmen Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 19, 2014 1.564
When three baby Thunderdrums follow Hiccup and Stoick back to Berk, the trio of Dragons prove to be a handful for the Dragon Academy to train. When the baby dragons are forced to live on Dragon Island after nearly destroying Berk, the group learns they can't survive without a father, so Stoick releases Thornado so he can take care of them. 
39 19 "Cast Out, Part I" Adam Henry F.M. De Marco, Mark Hoffmeier, Jack Thomas and Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 26, 2014 1.640
After Snotlout accidentally puts Astrid in a near-death situation, Hiccup suspends him from the academy for disobeying the rules one time too many. However after he and Hookfang are ambushed by the Screaming Death on Snotlout's secret island, "Snotland"', he is rescued by Alvin the Treacherous, who has returned to Berk, claiming he is there to make amends with the Vikings. 
40 20 "Cast Out, Part II" John Sanford F.M. De Marco March 5, 2014 1.749
Hiccup is forced to work with Alvin in order to save his father from Dagur's wrath. But when he discovers what the Screaming Death has been after all along, he comes up with a plan to end the war between the Outcasts and Berk, stop Dagur, and save Berk once and for all. 

Netflix episodes Edit

Race to the Edge (2015- )Edit

The series is subtitled Race to the Edge and premiered on Netflix on June 26, 2015. It comes after the short movie Dawn of the Dragon Racers and is set three-and-a-half years after the second season and a year and a half before the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2, featuring 19-20 year-old characters. It consists so far of 65 episodes with 13 more set to be released soon.

Season One (2015) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
41 1 "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1" Elaine Bogan FM De Marco, John Tellegen, Jack Thomas, Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
During their search for the escaped Dagur the Deranged, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders discover a mysterious object -- one that holds their destiny.
42 2 "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2" Elaine Bogan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
Hiccup and the Dragon Riders journey to Glacier Island to find the Snow Wraith, a fearsome dragon that holds the key to the Dragon Eye's mysteries.
43 3 "Imperfect Harmony" Jae Hong Kim Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
The Dragon Riders discover a lush island that turns out to be the home of Deathsong, a massive dragon that threatens to them forever.
44 4 "When Darkness Falls" Elaine Bogan Jack Thomas June 26, 2015
On a island that will make the perfect outpost, the Dragon Riders discover that the indigenous residents are a a mysterious new breed of dragon.
45 5 "Big Man on Berk" T.J. Sullivan John Tellegan June 26, 2015
Thinking he's allergic to his dragon, Fishlegs gets hypnotized. He wakes up transformed into an invincible warrior known as Thor Bonecrusher.
46 6 "Gone Gustav Gone" Elaine Bogan FM De Marco June 26, 2015
When Dagur the Deranged captures Gustav, it's up to Hiccup and the Dragon Riders to get him back.
47 7 "Reign of Fireworms" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
Fireworms invade Dragon's Edge, while Ruffnut and Tuffnut discover that they have an unexpected connection to the island.
48 8 "Crushing It" T.J. Sullivan FM De Marco, Mike Hoffmeier, John Tellegan, Jack Thomas, Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
As a Rumblehorn wreaks havoc on Dragon's Edge, Hiccup seeks the help of Stoick, who forms an unexpected bond with the rampaging beast.
49 9 "Quake, Rattle and Roll" Jae Hong Kim FM De Marco June 26, 2015
Fishlegs and Meatlug liberate the Gronckles from a menacing dragon that has encroached on their ancestral home, Dark Deep.
50 10 "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1" David M.V. Jones Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 26, 2015
The Dragon Riders are surprised to discover who is behind recent attacks on nearby ships——and to learn exactly what the ships are.
51 11 "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2" T.J. Sullivan John Tellegan June 26, 2015
Heather joins the Dragon Riders, but it's not an easy alliance, especially when Hiccup uncovers a shocking secret about her true identity.
52 12 "The Next Big Sting" T.J. Sullivan FM De Marco June 26, 2015
Hiccup and the Dragon Riders rescue a wounded Speed Stinger and take it back to Dragon's Edge, unaware of the dangers that follow.
53 13 "Total Nightmare" Jae Hong Kim Richard Hamilton, John Tellegan & Jack Thomas June 26, 2015
When Hookfang is drawn to a female Monstrous Nightmare, Snotlout tries to break them up before he loses his best friend forever.

Season Two (2016) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
54 1 "Team Astrid" Elaine Bogan Jack Thomas January 8, 2016
After an attack on Berk, Astrid trains a crew of backup Dragon Riders to battle back—but no one can guess how soon the next strike will hit.
55 2 "Night of the Hunters, Part 1" Jae Hong Kim John Tellegan January 8, 2016
A new enemy named Ryker Grimborn captures Stormfly, sending Hiccup, Toothless and the team off to rescue her before it's too late.
56 3 "Night of the Hunters, Part 2" Elaine Bogan Jack Thomas January 8, 2016
As Hiccup and Snotlout race to rescue the others from the Dragon Hunters, they don't realize that someone close to them is working with the enemy.
57 4 "Bad Moon Rising" Elaine Bogan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2016
After a strange creature bites Tuffnut, he believes he'll turn into a legendary Lycanwing dragon when the moon is full. Can his friends save him?
58 5 "Snotlout Gets the Axe" T.J. Sullivan F.M. De Marco January 8, 2016
Snotlout and Astrid must deliver a special battle axe to a family wedding, but when an Armorwing dragon derails their plan they have to work together.
59 6 "The Zippleback Experience" Jae Hong Kim Will Morey January 8, 2016
After Hiccup and Toothless heroically save Barf and Belch, the grateful Zippleback tries to repay its life debt by abandoning riders Ruff and Tuff.
60 7 "Snow Way Out" T.J. Sullivan Douglas Britton & Jack Thomas January 8, 2016
Ryker is determined to create a key to the Dragon Eye, so he heads to Glacier Island to find the Snow Wraith that the Dragon Riders are protecting.
61 8 "Edge of Disaster, Part 1" Elaine Bogan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2016
When Ruffnut is captured by Dragon Hunters, it's up to Astrid and Tuffnut to defend Dragon's Edge from the invading Dragon Hunter army.
62 9 "Edge of Disaster, Part 2" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2016
Unaware of the war on Dragon's Edge, Hiccup, Snotlout and Johann discover an island full of dragons that have been wounded by the Dragon Hunters.
63 10 "Shock and Awe" David M.V. Jones, Jae Hong Kim Ann Austen & John Tellegan January 8, 2016
When a new dragon is found in Edge Cove, the Dragon Riders must help the Sea Shocker escape a group of hungry Scauldrons.
64 11 "A Time to Skrill" David M.V. Jones, Jae Hong Kim Ricky Roxburgh, FM De Marco & Jack Thomas January 8, 2016
The Skrill returns with a grudge against Hiccup and Toothless, and the Dragon Riders must choose a new course of action to stop the vicious dragon.
65 12 "Maces and Talons, Part 1" Elaine Bogan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2016
Hiccup and Astrid race to stop the Dragon Hunters from tracking the Flightmare after Heather spills secrets from Viggo Grimborn.
66 13 "Maces and Talons, Part 2" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan January 8, 2016
After Heather and the Flightmare have been captured by Viggo and the Dragon Hunters, Hiccup must hatch a plan to outwit the dangerous new enemy.

Season Three (2016) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
67 1 "Enemy of My Enemy" David M.V. Jones, Jae Hong Kim Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
While trying to take care of unfinished business, Hiccup and Toothless are lured into a trap. An unlikely rescuer comes to their aid.
68 2 "Crash Course" Simon Otto Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
The wounded Fireworm Queen seeks the Dragon Riders' help in protecting a precious treasure trove against an unfamiliar creature with strange and slimy powers.
69 3 "Follow the Leader" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
When things get out of hand while Fishlegs is left in charge, he seizes another chance to prove he has what it takes to be a leader.
70 4 "Turn and Burn" David M.V. Jones, Jae Hong Kim Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
Hiccup's and Snotlout's fathers put aside their differences and work with their sons as a team to defend a storehouse against an unusual invader.
71 5 "Buffalord Soldier" Robert Briggs, Jae Jong Kim F.M. De Marco June 24, 2016
After Astrid makes an alarming discover, her life comes to depend on a dragon everyone thought was extinct. Her pals race against time to find it.
72 6 "A Grim Retreat" Simon Otto Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
Hiccup reluctantly allows the Dragon Riders to go to a deserted island for a much-needed vacation, but the getaway has an odd effect on their dragons.
73 7 "To Heather or Not to Heather" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
After learning that Fishlegs has been secretly communicating with Heather, the gang invites her to the Edge to convince her to join the Dragon Riders.
74 8 "Stryke Out" Greg Rankin Will Morey June 24, 2016
When Hiccup and Toothless accidentally land in a Dragon Hunter trap, they find themselves the newest contestants in a gladiator-style arena.
75 9 "Tone Death" Robert Briggs Art Brown & Douglas Sloan June 24, 2016
Hiccup and his team rescue a dragon egg and bring it back to the Edge, where it hatches to reveal an ear-splitting surprise!
76 10 "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" T.J. Sullivan F.M. De Marco June 24, 2016
The gang investigates why Viggo's men are mysteriously shipping marble blocks from a quarry. Next, they try to save two dragons being used as slaves.
77 11 "Family on the Edge" David M.V. Jones Jack Thomas June 24, 2016
When Dagur unexpectedly shows up, Hiccup scrambles to prevent him and Heather from discovering each other's presence.
78 12 "Last Auction Heroes" David M.V. Jones Jack Thomas June 24, 2016
Snotlout is sent on a undercover mission to Viggo's dragon auction as part of a plan to rescue the dragons and stop Viggo from getting richer.
79 13 "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1" David M.V. Jones Jack Thomas June 24, 2016
When Viggo offers Hiccup a truce, the wary Dragon Riders investigate and find a potential ally in their fight against the Dragon Hunters.

Season Four (2017) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
80 1 "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2" Robert Briggs John Tellegan February 17, 2017
Hiccup, Mala, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout go searching for the now captured Eruptodon, but little do they know that Viggo has a sinister plan.
81 2 "Gruff Around the Edges" T.J. Sullivan Jack Thomas February 17, 2017
When a distant cousin of the Twins named Gruffnut arrives on Dragon's Edge, Tuffnut tries to impress him, but Gruffnut may not be the hero he seems.
82 3 "Midnight Scrum" T.J. Sullivan John Tellegan February 17, 2017
When Viggo puts a bounty on Hiccup's head, every Dragon Hunter in the world is after capturing Hiccup, so Toothless and the Riders must rescue him.
83 4 "Not Lout" John Sanford John Tellegan February 17, 2017
When Snotlout screws up a mission, he must learn to be a leader and earn the trust of the other riders.
84 5 "Saving Shattermaster" Robert Briggs Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 17, 2017
When Mala and the Defenders of the Wing find a mysterious stranger who looks suspiciously like Dagur, Hiccup and Heather go to investigate.
85 6 "Dire Straits" Gil Zimmerman F.M. De Marco February 17, 2017
Viggo gets angry at the dragon riders continually interfering with his business and uses a deep sea dragon, the Submaripper, to control Berk's trade.
86 7 "The Longest Day" Robert Briggs Jack Thomas February 17, 2017
During the week of the Midnight Sun where the sun doesn't set for two weeks, Hiccup must deal with sleep deprivation and a dangerous new dragon species.
87 8 "Gold Rush" T.J. Sullivan John Tellegan February 17, 2017
Hiccup and the Riders, with help from Dagur set out to steal both Berk's gold and Viggo's gold from the Hunters, but that is easier said than done.
88 9 "Out of the Frying Pan" Gil Zimmerman F.M. De Marco February 17, 2017
When the Eruptodon can't take its egg into the Great Volcano, Hiccup and Fishlegs must go into the dangerous volcano with the egg before it's too late.
89 10 "Twintuition" Gil Zimmerman Will Morey February 17, 2017
When the Twins journey to the dangerous Northern Markets to fix Tuffnut's prized mace, they end up stumbling onto a secret project by Viggo and the Dragon Hunters.
90 11 "Blindsided" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 17, 2017
A huge storm hits Dragon's Edge causing the Dragons to spook and run off but when Astrid is blinded, Hiccup must lead her to Stormfly, while avoiding attacks from Sleuther.
91 12 "Shell Shocked, Part 1" Robert Briggs Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 17, 2017
Hiccup doesn't know who to trust when Viggo and Ryker each tell him that the other has gone rogue, and is sidetracked when a new dragon attacks.
92 13 "Shell Shocked, Part 2" Gil Zimmerman Art Brown & Douglas Sloan February 17, 2017
An extremely powerful new dragon attacks Dragon's Edge, and Hiccup makes a dangerous alliance while the fate of the Dragon Eye hangs in the balance.

Season Five (2017) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
93 1 "Living on the Edge" Greg Rankin Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
With their enemies defeated and the volcano erupting on Dragon’s Edge, the riders decide to return to Berk but Hiccup discovers that the Dragon Hunters are still out there.
94 2 "Sandbusted" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
When Hiccup is summoned to the Northern Markets to look into a curse that causes people to disappear, he is sucked down into a cavern of the fearsome Sandbuster.
95 3 "Something Rotten on Berserker Island" Robert Briggs Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
When the riders receive an invitation to Berserker Island for Gustav’s apprenticeship graduation, they arrive to find Savage trying to take over Dagur’s throne.
96 4 "Snotlout's Angels" David Jones & Abe Brown Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
When Snoutlout crashes on a mysterious island he comes face-to-face with the Wing Maidens and must rely on Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut to rescue him.
97 5 "A Matter of Perspective" Greg Rankin Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
The Riders follow the aging Eruptodon to the sacred Dragon Graveyard, but soon find themselves trapped by the fearsome Sentinel dragons who guard the graveyard.
98 6 "Return of Thor Bonecrusher" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
When Thor Bonecrusher is needed to rescue hostages taken by the Bandits, Snoutlout tries to help but accidentally brings to life Thor’s evil twin – Anti-Thor – who sides with the Bandits.
99 7 "Dawn of Destruction" Robert Briggs & Abe Brown Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
When Hiccup and Astrid go away for a weekend, the Edge is attacked by Krogan, Viggo, and their new Dragon Flyers.
100 8 "The Wings of War, Part 1" Greg Rankin Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
Hiccup and the riders are on the run from the Flyers, but when they return to Berk, where Stoick is preparing for war, Hiccup is torn between his desire to get the Edge back and his unwillingness to fire on dragons.
101 9 "The Wings of War, Part 2" T.J. Sullivan

Art Brown & Douglas Sloan

August 25, 2017
When Stoick decides to take the battle on the Dragon Flyers to the Edge, the Riders must figure out how to trap the Flyers and take back the Edge.
102 10 "No Dragon Left Behind" Greg Rankin

Art Brown & Douglas Sloan

August 25, 2017
After being ambushed by aggressive Slitherwing dragons on a new island, the Riders think Stormfly has been poisoned and race to get an antidote.
103 11 "Snuffnut" T.J. Sullivan Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
Tuff fakes his own death to make room for Throk, but when Ruff tries to train the Changewing that she thinks ate Tuff, a flock of angry Changewings come for the dragon.
104 12 "Searching for Oswald... and Chicken" Robert Briggs Laura Bowes August 25, 2017
On a search for Dagur's dad, Hiccup and Dagur encounter vicious Grim Gnashers, and Tuff’s search for a missing Chicken leads him to discover she has a second family.
105 13 "Sins of the Past" Greg Rankin Art Brown & Douglas Sloan August 25, 2017
After Heather is lured to the Northern Markets as a trap, Hiccup flies to find her, but when he arrives too late, Windshear is captured by Krogan.

Season Six (2018)Edit

Int. Ship Names Edit

Hiccup Astrid Ruffnut Tuffnut Snotlout Fishlegs Stoick Gobber
Heather Hiccther Heastrid Ruffer Tuffer Heathlout Heathlegs
Alvin the Treacherous
Dagur the Deranged Dagcup Dagstrid Ruffgur Tuffgur
Trader Johann
Viggo Grimborn Vigcup Vigstrid Vignut
Ryker Grimborn
Queen Mala Malcup


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