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Eret with his Dragon Trapping crew

Dragon Trappers (not to be confused with the Dragon Hunters) are men that trap and sell dragons to the highest bidder and for those who higher them. Eret, Son of Eret is known as the best trapper and a leader of his own crew, in How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014).


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One of Drago's Trappers

Dragon Trappers have tribal tattoos on their (beer) chins and fur on their clothing to keep them warm from the cold. They also have owls on some of their clothing, shields, sails and owl head shaped pins: making owls or the owl like dragon (stormcutters) as their crest and mark.

Some trappers - that are the human members of Drago's army - wear polar bear skin coats by wearing them as cloaks, with the bear's head as it's hood.


Dragon Trappers are known for trading weapons, trapping dragons and selling them to those who are willing to pay. Some Trappers have joined Drago Bludvist's army, while trappers like Eret capture, ship and sell him dragons for his dragon army. Eret, Son of Eret is one of the finest and that is why Drago uses him to build up his army; Eret also trades with other trappers that came to his fort (before Valka's Bewilderbeast destroyed it).

Weather the trappers in Drago's army have joined him because they agree with his ideals or out of fear is unknown.

Known TrappersEdit

  • Eret (leader of his own crew)
  • Eret's Crew
    • Ug
    • No-Name
    • Teeny
  • The Trappers In Drago's army

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Dragon Trappers use specifically made weapons and traps for trapping dragons, along with other weapons that Vikings use.

  • Gronkle Cannon: This trap is a cannon that shoots out chained projectiles, such as an iron spiked ball, to ground Gronckles and other dragons.
  • Nadder Nabber: This trap is designed to subdue Deadly Nadders from shooting spikes from their tails.
  • Dragon Catcher: This trap is a simple, dome-shaped trap which closes when a dragon flies inside it. A captive dragon is placed into this machine and other dragons, tempted to help the captive dragons, fly in, and the trap will shut instantly.
  • Snuffer: This trap is designed to extinguish the flame of Monstrous Nightmares and other fire-breathing dragons. Once a dragon's fire is put out, a large grate flings over and traps it.
  • Zipple Catcher: This trap is designed to shoot out grappling hooks that latch on the necks of Hideous Zippleback. It also has an anchor which will drop into the earth, preventing Zipplebacks from escaping.

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