Dr. Calico
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Vital statistics
Title The Green-Eyed Man
Gender Male
Film Bolt (2008)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black with Gray
Eye Color Green (left), Brown (right)
Family Unknown
Friends Cats
Enemies Bolt, Penny Forrester, Rhino, Mittens
""Are you crying? Is it because I kidnapped your daddy? Or because I hurt your precious little dog?""
—Dr. Calico

Dr. Calico (or simply Calico and the Green-Eyed Man) is a former supporting antagonist in Disney's 2008 movie Bolt and the main antagonist of the in-universe's TV show. Though he isn't an actual villain, but merely an actor, Bolt thinks he's really a villain and promises to get him for real.

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In the in-universe TV series, Dr. Calico can see that is a very clever villain, not to mention being a great strategist and have a large army at his comand. Calico can create many weapons and poisonous injections, as well as many other skills befitting a supervillain. In end of the movie, seeing the aliens does not seem to suprise him, so he may have encountered them in the past

In real life, Calico is just a character, the actor presumably nothing like Calico himself. 

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It is common, that his actor did not appear and we actually show its embodiment in the TV series as one of the major villains and an ally of Pitch Black.

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