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Digimon AU is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost are partnered up with Digimon. This can be considered an offshoot of Anime AU.

About the AUEdit

In this AU, the members of the Big Four are portrayed as "DigiDestined" or "Digimon Tamers", children that are partnered with digimon - or "digital monsters" - to empower them to fight off other Digimon, as they fight to save both of their worlds. Most commonly, this AU takes place in modern times.

The four and other such characters can also be portrayed as the digital monster versions of themselves or as original Digimon.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is usully portrayed as a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer. Being a natural-born leader in-canon, Hiccup is usually portrayed as the leader of the group, complete with goggles to fit with the recurring motifs digimon leaders possess. Relying on his friends and the bond he has with wild and tamed dragons gives him the Crest of friendship.

Toothless is usually portrayed as his digimon partner Toothlessmon, his various levels resembling a cyborg/dragon-esq motif. This further cements Hiccup's position as leader, as many of the series' leaders possess dinosaur-like digimon as partners, many of their digivolved forms possessing cyborg qualities.

Jack FrostEdit

With his history, Jack is a lone DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer (that has been one the longest) that bumps into the group (of the chosen children) a few times before he and his digital partner finally join them. Jack's partner can be an Ice Digimon (like Frigimon or Sorcermon) or one that likes to have fun and play tricks. Baby Tooth can be as a type of Fairy Digimon (like Piximon) or as a Digimon version of herself, that travels and helps Jack and his partner out in their battles and feels safer at Jack's side. The crest he carries is mostly Sincerity.

Fans have also portrayed the winter spirit as an ice Digimon, that helps the chosen children in their task, was helped by them or is partnered up with Jamie Bennett when he is seen as a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is the serious one among the DigiDestened/Digimon Tamers, that acts like the second in-command with the support of her partner. Merida's Digimon can be skilled at archery or be bear-like (like Bearmon) to resemble her mother or brothers' bear forms, her partner can also be horse-like to resemble Angus or have Angus portrayed as a Angusmon. Her bravery gives her the crest of Courage.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is the DigiDestened/Digimon Tamer that is the shy one and dose her best to keep the team together when things look dark and down. She can even be the one that carries medical supplies/a first aid kit, so she can treat and take care of her friends and their digimon. Her digital-monster can be between a plant-like Digimon (like Floramon or Lalamon, to reference her connection with the Golden Flower), has power over the sun and light or has Pascal portrayed as Pascalmon. Fans have also given her the crest of Light.

Extra CharactersEdit

Big Hero 6Edit

Like the original DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer teams in the series', the team are portrayed as DigiDestineds/Digimon Tamer from Japan. With original (real) Digimon or Fakemon (fanmade Digimon) that are based on their armor, as they keep San Fransokyo safe, travel to and from the Digital World or are trapped there and are traveling around the world of Digimon in hopes that they would eventually find their away back home; with the help of their digital partners. Baymax can be Hiro or Tadashi's digital partner, or as a Digimon (called Baymax) that helps the team out. Given the heavy use of science-fiction and darker themes, the Big Hero Six would resemble the team from the third season the most. While many like to believe that the color of their Digivices would be the same color scheme as their hero armored-suits.

The Project Silent Sparrow portal can serve as the doorway and gateway between their world and the Digital world. While the people that work at Krei Tech and for Alistair Krei, try to understand the creatures that come out of their creation and the world that they come from. Which might get them to notice the team's digital friends and what they get up to together.

The Man in the MoonEdit

Since MiM watches over the children of the world, he can be the one that helps the chosen children and their digital partners as they fight to free the Digital World that he watches over, much like Gennai and Ophanimon.

Pitch BlackEdit

Pitch is portrayed as the "Dark Lord" virus-attribute Digimon that unleashes chaos across the Digital World and sends dark, powerful or controlled Digimon to get rid of the chosen children that were sent to stop him. Much like Devimon and his black gears and the Digimon Emperor and his control spires, Pitch Black would influence other digimon through the use of his Nightmares.

In other cases, Pitch would act as the corrupt human-companion to a malevolent digimon or a government agent that meddles with the affairs of the main heroes.


Heather's past makes her a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer that was chosen and given the task to spy and gain the Chosen Children's trust by a Virus Digimon, much like Koichi Kimura with Cherubimon and Nene Amano with Bagramon. As Heather and her partner (Windshear as Windshearmon) were doing their job for their "master", Heather grew close to the chosen heroes and later joins them when she and her partner realized what they were doing is wrong and hopes that their friends can help them to undo those deeds.

Her brother, Dagur can be chosen beside his sister as they receive their Digiviecs, digital partners and the power to assist their master together. Dagur's Digimon partner can either be a digital monster version of a skrill or one of the two dragons (Shattermaster or Sleuther) that he rides in the Netflix original series of DreamWorks Dragons, Race to the Edge.

Dragon RidersEdit

The members of the Berk Dragon Training Academy can be portrayed as a group of DigiDestineds/Digimon Tamers, with their dragons as their digital partners. The dragons that they had trained, faced, came across and befriended in the DreamWorks Dragons films and its TV series can also be portrayed as digital monsters that they fought, helped and befriend. The team and their dragon digimon can either travel to and from their world and the digital world at will, or are trying to find their back home while saving the Digi-World a long the way.

Since the Dragon Riders are merged with their dragons or have the wings, claws, features and abilities of their species, in hybrid related crossovers and AUs, it could have them as DigiDestineds/Digimon Tamers that are able to preform Biomerge Digivolution, a Digivolution that allows a Digimon and it's human partner to become one as they Digivole into a "Biomerge" digimon, with their digital partner. Or have the riders as dragon-human Digimon versions of themselves, as there are some Digimon with human-like features and appearance.


Since there are some Dragon Digimon in the series, they can ever be portrayed as one of them or as their own kind of Digimon. Like featuring Toothless as Toothlessmon and having Hiccup as his human partner, their friends of the Berk Dragon Training Academy can also be portrayed as the DigiDestineds/Digimon Tamer that are partnered up with Dragon Digimon versions of their dragons. Dragons like Valka's Bewilderbeast assist the chosen children, while the Red Death and Drago's Bewilderbeast are the "Dark Lord" virus-attribute Digimon leaders, as Alpha dragons are the rulers of their nest and have the power to control the dragons that reside in it. Since dragons are reptiles they can even be featured as some of the lizard and other reptile-like Digimon.


Helping a group of people in a world that they don't understand easily makes Guy a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer, that has spend a lot of time in the Digi-World and helps newcomers find their bearing in the digital world; before he and his partner become members of the chosen children's group. His partner will mostly be Belt portrayed as Beltmon, while others think that it should be the monkey-caveman like Digimon, Monmon. Some of the digital monsters that he and his partner come across can be Digimon versions of the hybrid animals from The Croods.


The Minions can be portrayed as Digimon that go by Minionmon. Since they follow powerful, "villain" leaders, they can work and serve under one of the virus-attribute Digimon. They can also be a tribe of peaceful Digimon, before they were influenced into becoming Evil Digimon (the form they took as Evil Minions can serve as their dark controlled form), so they could help their "Master" deal with the chosen children and their digital partners; who later freed them from what was controlling them.

Three known Minions (like Kevin, Dave and Bob, or any of the other Minions) can be the digital partners of Margo, Edith and Agnes.


The Kakamora's appearance can easily make them a tribe of small, deadly Digimon (Kakamoramon). Since they are one of the antagonists in Moana, they can be one of the evil/dark Digimon that are tasked to stop the chosen children. Tamatoa (as Tamatoamon) can be the virus-attribute Digimon that they serve (as they both come from the same film), while the Kakamora Chief is their general.


Since the Cy-bugs are like viruses that only know how to eat, kill and multiply (which their eggs can serve as Digi-Eggs), they are seen as one of the dark, virus digimon (Cybugmon), that are tasked with destroying the Digital World. "Cybug King Candy" can be one of the "Dark Lord" virus-attribute Digimon that is their master and leader, that had given them the task of "eating" and killing anyone that stands in their way.


The Trolls can be portrayed as a tribe of friendly Digimon (Trollmon), that help or had help from the humans and Digimon that were tasked with saving their world. Grand Pabbie could help the chosen children by giving them a word of advice, allow his fellow Digimon to give them food and shelter or tells them where their next battle or destination is.


Because of the Boggans' goal of spreading the rot across Moonhaven, they are seen as virus-attribute Digimon (Bogganmon), with Mandrake and Dagda (portrayed as Mandrakemon and Dagdamon) as their "Dark Lord" virus-attribute Digimon leaders. They could also use their rot spreading arrows to put other Digimon under their control; much like Devimon's black gears and the Digimon Emperor's control spires.


The Boov's appearance can easily make them a tribe of Digimon (that go by Boovmon). Should the chosen children and their digital partners come across them, Smek (as Smekmon) would leap to conclusion (as humans aren't from the Digital World) and would get his tribe to "take of them" before they could do them any harm. Until they helped the Boovmon to see that Gorgmon (that has been bothering them) was only cashing after them because their chief had the Digi-Egg that contained his family; and that they themselves weren't the enemy.

A Digimon version of Oh can be placed as either Tip's digital partner, or as a friendly Digimon that tags along with her and her partner (that can be Digimon that suits Tip best or has Pig portrayed as a cat-like Digimon).

Moana WaialikiEdit

Moana can be a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer that is partnered up with a water-related Digimon (like any of the Sea Animal or Aquatic Digimon), to reference her connection and bond with the Ocean. Her partner could even be a Digimon version of Pua or Heihei, or have the friendly piglet and "odd" rooster as two friendly Digimon that tags along with Moana and her digital partner, and lends them their assertions from time to time, just as Bokomon and Neemon had helped the DigiDestined team of Digimon Frontier.


Varian would most likely be featured as a DigiDestined/Digimon Tamer that tried to understand the odd device he came across and the strange digital creatures, until one of his experiments got his father hurt; which lend him to use one of his inventions to travel to and from the Digital World in hopes that something in the Digi-World could help him save his family. Which could give Varian a similar backstory/ground that Ken Ichijouji had from his time as the Digimon Emperor, while Rudiger (as Rudigermon) tries to get his partner to see and listen to reason just as Wormmon had done with his Emperor. Since the fan Tangled: The Series theory, known as the Moon Theory, has Varian having a connection with the black rocks that came from the moon, he could use them, or something similar to them, to influence other Digimon or uses his alchemic skills to place them under his control.


Pepita's (hybrid) appearance and residing in a world where a young human stumbled into, can easily place the spirit guide-protector of the Riveras as a Digimon that goes by Pepitamon or Alebrijemon, or be placed as any of the cat-like Digimon in the series. She can be featured as the digital partner of a younger (alive) version of Imelda (for being Imelda's spirit guide), or as one of the Digimon that comes across the chosen children and lends them her assistants. Her aggressive towards Miguel (when she was under orders to fetch him for her mistress) can also have her as one of the digimon that was controlled by a Virus Digimon and was later freed by the chosen children and their partners.

The LoraxEdit

The Lorax's appearance can easily portray him as a Digimon that can go by Loraxmon.

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