Baymax and the minions (crossover) by dulcechica19-d8ez298
Despicable Hero 6 (also known as Big Despicable 6, Big Hero Me or Despicable Heroes) is a crossover between the two CGI animated movies Big Hero 6 and Despicable Me. While this crossover is not very widespread it still has several loyal fans.

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This crossover stared with the Margiro pairing and with fanart of Baymax spending time with the Minions; as well with both films taking place in modern times. So Gru, his family and the Big Hero 6 team could easily cross paths with each other.

Popular ShipsEdit

Felonius Gru Margo Gru Edith Gru Agnes Gru Dr. Nefario Lucy Wilde Vector
Hiro Hamada Gruiro Margiro Ediro/ Edithiro/ Hith Hignes/ Agiro Nefahiro Luciro/ Hirucy Vectiro/ Hirctor
Tadashi Hamada Grudashi Tadargo Tadith/ Edashi Agnashi/ Tadagnes Lucdashi/ Tadaucy
Baymax Grumax Margmax Baydith Agnmax Bayucy/ Lucmax
GoGo Tomago Gogru/ Grugogo Margogo Gogodith Gognes Gogucy/ Lucgogo
Wasabi Grusabi Wasargo Wasdith/ Edithsabi Agnesabi/ Wasagnes Wasaucy/ Lucsabi/ Wasablucy
Honey Lemon Gruoney Margoney Edithoney/ Honedith Hones/ Agoney/ Agney Luconey/ Honucy
Fred Grufred Margfred/ Mared Fredith Agnfred/ Fredgnes Freducy/ Lucfred
Yokai/Robert Callaghan Grukai/ Callagru Callafario/ Callario/ Nafaghan Yoktor

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