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CrescentMoon is the name of the pairing between Pitch Black and Tsar Lunar XII from Rise of the Guardians. Though not a very popular pairing, CrescentMoon does have its followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

In Guardians of Childhood, General Kozmotis Pitchiner was once the devoted leader of Tsar Lunar XI's forces. After being consumed by the Darkness, Pitch then went on to kill the Tsar, the Tsarina and destroy the advanced civization of the Golden Age. After escaping his imprisonment by Nightlight, Pitch wished to consume all of the hopes of dreams of humanity, MiM forming the Guardians to combat him.

In Rise of the Guardians, Pitch taunts MiM as he gathers his army of Nightmares for a comeback, knowing the MiM is powerless to fight back. 

Since the beginning, MiM and Pitch have always played the roles of "Comrade" and "Adversary" for the fate of the Children, and by extension, the Earth itself. Because of this, the two have always held a sort of symbiotic relationship, similar to that Pitch and Sandy. MiM representing the love and joy of Children, while Pitch is the fear and misery. Pitch is the darkness of night, while MiM is the light that shines through that darkness. Because of this, they both share a begrudging respect for one another.

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