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Kingdom of Corona

Corona is the name of the Kingdom in the Disney film Tangled where Rapunzel was born and later reunites with her family.


The location of Corona is never actually given, but from the characteristics of the kingdom, it is presumed to take place somewhere in Western Europe. 


From the appearence of the architecture, fashion, ethnic, populous, etc, it can be assumed that Corona can be found somewhere in Western Europe, possibly of French-Germanic origins. 


Hundreds of years ago, a single drop of sunlight fell to Earth and bloomed into a magical golden flower. The flower is found by an old woman named Mother Gothel, who sings the song "Healing Incantation" to it, causing it to restore her youth and beauty. In this way she lives for hundreds of years, keeping the flower hidden and never sharing it with anyone. The King and the Queen of the land sent out a flying lantern in honor of the child they were expecting, but the queen became very sick, and the king sent out his people to search for the legendary golden flower, which is rumoured to possess a powerful healing power. Gothel realizes what they are looking for, and hides the flower under a false shrubbery, as she is unwilling to share it with anyone. However, Gothel knocks the shrub away by accident when fleeing, causing the flower's glow to be visible in the darkness. The king's guards uproot the flower and bring it back to the palace, where it is fed to the queen, who survives and gives birth to a daughter, Rapunzel. The little princess has beautiful golden hair that glows with the magic of the flower. 

That night, an already-aging Gothel sneaks into the palace and cuts a piece of Rapunzel's hair to use instead of the flower. When she cuts it, though, both the hair she cut and the lock she cut it from turn dark brown. Gothel realizes that cutting Rapunzel's hair causes it to lose its power, and so she kidnaps the princess, escaping out the window with her. Flynn's narration explains that she locked her away in a hidden tower and raised her as her own child, having Rapunzel sing the healing song to restore Gothel's youth. Every year afterwards, on the princess' birthday, the kingdom would release hundreds of flying lanterns as a symbol of hope that the lost princess would return to them.

Notable LocationsEdit

The CastleEdit

The home of The King and Queen and their daughter Rapunzel and later Flynn Rider.

The VillageEdit

The area where the actual residents live in Corona. The city surrounds the castle on the island.

10-1f Corona

The Village celebrating Rapunzel's birthday.

The MarketEdit

The area where Rapunzel and Flynn explore and dance.

The SeaEdit

The Baltic Sea coast is overwhelmingly flat. There are no places that match the hills that Flynn runs into with the stolen crown, or the steep-walled valley that hides Rapunzel's tower. But one region at least comes close.

The PrisonEdit

The Prison where Flynn was held until he was to be hung. Flynn remained here until 5 Pub Thugs and Maximus help him escape.

The ChapelEdit

The Chapel is the place where Rapunzel and Eugene got married, or in the crossover's case, any marriage that the characters go through, whether it's with Rapunzel and Jack, Merida and Hiccup (as guests to the kingdom) or any variation between them. 

The Snuggly DucklingEdit

The Snuggly Duckling is the pub where the Pub Thugs hang out in the movie Tangled. Despite having what seems to be a "cute" name, the Snuggly Duckling is definitely not a cute place. Rapunzel discovers this when she and Flynn walk in and she sees the Pub Thugs.

Rapunzel's TowerEdit

Rapunzel's Tower (made by Gothel) is a tall tower located somewhere in the forest outside of Corona, hidden away in a valley as a means to prevent anyone who is unfamiliar with it to be unable to find it. 

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Since Corona is Rapunzel's birthplace (and birth-right) stories involving Rapunzel would inevitably lead too or come from Corona. Corona would be allied with other kingdoms in the fandom, including Berk, DunBroch, and even Arendelle

It could be possible that Corona and Arendelle may be associated with each other in-canon. Rapunzel and Eugene both make a cameo appearance in Frozen before the coronation. This is probably because the creators of Tangled were also in charge of creating Frozen along with the creators of Wreck-It Ralph.


  • The name Corona is the Latin word for "crown."

Concept ArtEdit

(Concept Art sketched and submitted for original film(s) is credited to Jeff Kurtti, John Lasseter, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard)

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