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Lord and Young Macintosh with some of their clan members

Clan Macintosh is a Scottish clan in Brave. It is one of the four clans that have united to form the DunBroch Kingdom. Its leader is called Lord Macintosh.


Brave clan macintosh large

Clan Macintosh's Lyre crest

The clan's tartan is mainly red and green, similarly to real-life Macintosh tartans. The clan's emblem is the lyre.


According to legend, the Macintoshs have a legend relating to their symbol, which states that a magical tune played on the lyre slayed 1000 Dingwalls and that instrument became their clan crest. They hate it when Clan MacGuffin brag about how their "magical" cauldron helped them to slay "10,000" members of their clan, along with other defeats from the other clans.

Known Clan MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The clan is known for their warrior spirit, being skilled in numerous weapons including swords, axes, bows, crossbows, spears, and so on.

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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