This page is primarily designed for characters that are part of the Big Four fandom, but are added in some, if not most, Extended Universes. This page is to give any fanfiction writers ideas for what to do with their stories.

Primary FilmsEdit

This category pertains to the original "Big Four" and their respective franchises.


How to Train Your DragonEdit

Rise of the GuardiansEdit

The Guardians of ChildhoodEdit


Secondary FilmsEdit

This category pertains to honorary members of the "Big Four" and their respective franchises.

Big Hero 6Edit

Disney FairiesEdit



Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

The CroodsEdit

The LoraxEdit

Wreck-It RalphEdit


Tertiary FilmsEdit

This category pertains to characters and franchises that are added by some contributors of the fandom, but hold no real impact on the fandom as a whole.

Note: Do not add said characters, notes or categories from this page onto the wiki without prior consent from the majority of the editors. Please place your requests in the Forums or Blogs for access.



  • Coraline Jones
  • Wyborn Lovat
  • The Other Mother

Despicable MeEdit


Inside OutEdit

Justin and the Knights of ValourEdit

Meet the RobinsonsEdit


Mr. Peabody and ShermanEdit


The Book of LifeEdit

  • Manolo Sanchez
  • Maria Posada
  • Joaquin Mondragon
  • La Muerte
  • Xibalba

The IncrediblesEdit

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