640px-DunBroch Castle

Castle DunBroch

Castle DunBroch
is the main castle in the Kingdom of DunBroch in the Highlands of Scotland. It is featured in the Pixar film Brave. The castle is home to King Fergus, Queen Elinor, Princess Merida, and Hamish, Hubert and Harris.

Location Edit

The castle is located deep in the heart of the Kingdom of DunBroch in the Scottish Highlands. Access to the castle is through the gates by the coast, surrounded by forest and mountain terrain.

Characteristics Edit

Much like the rest of the Kingdom, the Castle's architecture is made of late-medival architecture, the foundation made entirely out of stone supported by lumber.

Lore Edit

The clans DunBroch, Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall were at war for countless generations. When Vikings, Northerners and Roman invaders came to Scotland (also known as Caledonia) in hopes of conquest. Fergus, lord of DunBroch, rallied the three other clans together and fought off the invaders, instilling a treaty between the clans and crowning Fergus and Elinor king and queen. Because of this, matters of politcal importance (like the betrothal of their daughter Merida) take place in the castle as their capital.

Notable Locations Edit

The Great Hall Edit

Where the raised thrones of Fergus, Elinor, Merida, and the Triplets are, where they dine at dinner, where speeches are given, and a large stone fireplace warms the entire room.

The Tapestry Room Edit

Where all the tapestries are made and held including The family tapestry which Merida slices between her and Elinor's hands until she has to mend it back to break her mother's spell.

The Kitchen Edit

Where the meals are prepared for the castle and where the Triplets like to steal sweets from.

Merida's Bedchamber Edit

Where Merida sleeps.

The King and Queen's Bedchambers Edit

The bedroom where Fergus and Elinor sleep.

Classrooms Edit

Various rooms Elinor teaches Merida how to behave and act like a Princess.

The Trophy Room Edit

Where Fergus's trophies (taxidermy animals) are kept.

The Cellar Edit

Where all the drinks and the King's private reserves are held.

The Stables Edit

Where Angus, many other horses are kept.

Garden Edit

Where the castle workers go to gather plants for dyes, food, and medicines.

Pens Edit

Where highland cattle, boreray sheep, chickens and possibly other Scottish livestock are kept.

Bear Dane Edit

Castle tower where Fergus can take long naps, unless his triplet sons are near.

Gatehouse Edit

Main entrance into and out of the the castle walls, Merida's triplet brothers Harris, Hubert, and Hamish like to stand on top of it and dump water on visitors.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Because the castle is home to Merida and her family, stories that involve Merida would most definitely involve the Castle. Because the castle is a fortress, the Castle is the perfect location for times of war and it's experience in magic would allow people like Jack and the Guardians as a form of sanctuary.

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