Cass Hamada
Vital statistics
Title Cass Hamada, Aunt Cass
Gender Female
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown with Blondish-streaks
Eye Color Green
Family Tadashi Hamada (Nephew), Hiro Hamada (Nephew), Mochi (Pet)
"For ten years, I've done the best I could to raise you. Have I been perfect? No. Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting?! PROBABLY! Where was I going? I had a point."
—Cass Hamada

Cass Hamada is Hiro and Tadashi’s aunt. She loves her two nephews very much. She had a coffee shop at the bottom of her house to make money.



Cass is a caring woman who loves her nephews above all else. She is very loving towards them, but knows when to be strict, shown when she picks them up after they are released from prison. She hugs them and asks if they are okay before lecturing them about how much they worried her.

She seems very excitable, talkative, and is usually a very happy woman. She is also understanding and did what she could to help Hiro through his depression after Tadashi's death.

She supports and encourages the decisions of Tadashi and Hiro while wanting what is best for them, as she encourages Hiro to go to college as it is what Tadashi would have wanted. She is proud of her nephews and is not afraid to show it. She also appears to be rather oblivious, as Hiro was able to hide Baymax's existence from her (though it is unknown if she was suspicious of Hiro's activities after he set out to form Big Hero 6 to catch Yokai).

She is also prone to stress-eat, having one of her own chocolate donuts after getting back home from picking her nephews up from jail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like her nephews, she has no actual superpowers. Unlike them however, her intellect is to be considered normal. As she runs a Cafe all on her own, it can be deduced that she holds the culinary, social and monetary skills to run it.

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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