Captain Smek
Captain Smek Home
Vital statistics
Title Captain Smek, DJ Smek
Gender Male
Film Almost Home (2014)

Home (2015)

Status Alive
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Green
Family Unknown
Enemies The Gorg (formerly)
Captain Smek (now referred to as DJ Smek) is the captain of the Boov Mothership and by extension leader of the Boov, as well as the antagonist of Home.

Appearance Edit

Captain Smek looks similar to any other boov, but with the exception of tiny tendrils along his lip meant to look similar to a mustache. His body is a shade of pink with green eyes. Unlike other boov, he keeps the tentacles on his head uncurled and pointing up, looking like horns. His clothes are just like all other boov clothes but are red and gold.

Personality Edit

Captain Smek is notable for being manipulative and rather narcissistic person. He renamed Earth "Smekland" and Christmas day "Smekday" after himself as proof of his ego. He keeps the boov under a conforming, Orwellian kind of culture, as demonstrated with the boov's music and lack of individuality between boov.

Captain Smek is a coward, running at the mere sight of the Gorg unprovoked and has been running ever since. He has injected this cowardess into the boov culture, the entire race following the philosophy of "running away" to a near religious dedication. This could have been both out of a need for self-preservation as well as a means of justifying himself towards the boov.

When he is annoyed by another boov, he brings out the "shushing rock" atop his staff (which he stole from the Gorg) and hits them across the head.

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