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Brother Bear AU is an AU introduced through fanart, depicting the Big Four (or at least one of the characters) as bears.

About this AUEdit

This AU was formed through fanart of the Big Four as bears.

As the name may imply, most writers and artists portray them as bears that exist within the world of Disney's Brother Bear as a template, but this is not required.

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Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Jack FrostEdit

Because of Jack's winter and icy background, ice powers and with fans sometimes have him repeating Merida's story in the Jarida pairing, he is seen as a polar bear.

Jack can also posse the Totem of Laughter or of Fun (like his center). The animal that his "stone" takes the form of would most likely be of a winter animal. Due to his icy powers and white hair. He could even be cast as Denahi (as they both like to pull pranks) or as Kenai, when Jamie is seen as Koda.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Because of the spell that she used on her mother (and brothers) and the form that she sometimes takes in the Beauty and the Beast AU, along with ABC's Once Upon a Time having its version of Merida turn into a Mor'du-like bear for a short time, Merida can easily be portrayed as a bear; with her family. With black fur, to match Mor'du's and Bear Elinor and Triplet Cubs' or red to match her hair.

Merida can also posses the Totem of Bravery, even when a bear has already been used for love, it still can be used as Merida's. Along with another kind of animal or totem that suits her best.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Extra CharactersEdit

Queen ElsaEdit

Because of Elsa's ice powers, she is seen as a polar bear. That has a younger, grizzly bear sister.

Elsa can even posse the Totem of Leadership (for being the Queen of Arendelle) or of Love (as she had used it to melt the ice around Anna's heart and bring Summer back to Arendelle). Even when love has already been used for the Bear of Love and belongs to someone else, it still can be used as Elsa's totem. The animal that her "stone" takes the form of can be of a winter animal.

Princess AnnaEdit

Anna is mostly seen as a grizzly bear. That has a older, polar bear sister.

Hiro HamadaEdit

Hiro is seen as a Kenai like character, when Tadashi is Sitka or Denahi. He could even be featured as a Koda like character, as they both have lost their mothers and were in need of an older sibling.

Tadashi HamadaEdit

Tadashi is seen as a Sitka or Denahi like character, when Hiro is Kenai.

Gramma TalaEdit

Tala is seen as a Tanana like character, as they both know about the creatures in their world and share their wisdom with their people. Tala can even be one of the Great Spirits, as her soul is shown to have both a human and animal form, as well as approaching Moana as a living manta ray; much like Sitka approaching Denahi as an eagle.

Tala's Totem can be of the Manta Ray of Guidance, in homage to her tattoo and the form her spirit took; and how her stories and her last words to her granddaughter led Moana to both Maui and Te Fiti. Her totem can even be of Stories and Tales, as she tells her people stories of the Great Spirits and how tales can help them find their selves and their place in the world.


Since is already a type of bear, is small and formed a strong bond with someone, that was later hurt by him when his blinded actions had caused him to harm both Pipsqueak and those that the small bar-ba-loot cares about, can portray him as Koda.

Queen ElinorEdit

This AU allows fans to focus her bear form. As well as portraying her as other type of bears, for fun.

Hamish, Hubert and HarrisEdit

This AU allows fans to focus the triplet's bear cub forms. As well as portraying them as other type of bears, for fun.


Since Mor'du is already a bear, he can be portrayed as himself. As he is someone with both a human and bear form.

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