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Bolttens is the name of the pairing between Bolt and Mittens from Bolt (2008).It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

Relationship Overview Edit

Although initially, Mittens ,Bolt captured believing that she actually knew where Penny, after that tied it to one end of a rope and forced her to tell him where she was, she managed to realize his collar should go to Hollywood, and gave him a map, but Bolt forced her to take her hostage mode.

When they were in a truck en route to Wollywood, Mittens try to knock out Bolt with a baseball bat, but was scared because I fell a box full of polystyrene (the weakness) was shot truck, clear proof that Bolt initially hated.

When Rhino told Mittens Bolt came out on TV, he realized that in fact, to all those things for believing to be a superhero and adopted a negative attitude against him, saying he would not follow by going to if not given that it was an ordinary dog. In their discussion they are captured by Animal Control. Although Bolt escapes with the help of Rhino, but after that, does realize that is not a superhero.

He decides to go rescue Mittens, after who escape with Mittens, Bolt this disconsolate, not knowing what to do to be a normal dog. Mittens teaches you all, while on their way to Hollywood. Mittens decides to prepare a kind of homes to stay with Bolt and Rhino together, but Bolt decides to continue looking for Penny, causing both angry. After discussion, he decides to follow Rhino Bolt and Mittens also without the knowledge.

When Bolt arrives in Hollywood, Penny realizes this with another dog and goes, but Mittens really does look like strange Penny Bolt and says, before you leave, after the fire of the stage, Bolt and Penny, Go to Mittens Hospital and hides under the table (like when introduced under a sofa to try to get into a truck) to see how this Bolt. At the end of the film adopts Penny Mittens.

While this couple is not very popular in The Big Four fandom, it is very popular in individual Fandom Bolt, it said that after the movie, Bolt and Mittens were friends or lovers, sometimes both are humanized.

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