Vital statistics
Title Bolt
Gender Male
Film Bolt (2008)
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Friends Penny Forrester, Mittens, Rhino
Enemies Dr. Calico (On TV), The Director (Made him live a lie)
"Well, you're right about one thing, Rhino. Mittens does need a hero, and I guess I'll have to do."

 Bolt is the protagonist of Disney's 2008 animated film, Bolt.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

On TV, he possesses a full arsenal of superpowers that exceed the parameters of most dogs. He is capable of running faster than the fastest car, leaping many kilometers in the air, is strong enough to pull many times his own weight and can even take down a chopper all on his own. He is also capable of laser vision, and possesses a "super-bark", a powerful shockwave that can demolish an entire infantry of soldiers, tanks and weaponry in front of him. 

In real life however, he does not possess an actual powers, making him a normal dog.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Bolt, in the same vein as Toothless, is considered alongside his owner Penny as an honorary member of the Big Four. However, people usually prefer Bolt's superpowered TV persona over his real life self.

Relationships Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Jack FrostEdit

Merida DunBrochEdit

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

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