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Blithe Hollow

Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts is the home town of Norman Babcock and most of his family and friends. It's a small town, famous for the curse of a witch, which they celebrate every year with effigies of a stereotypical witch.



Those who carry the ability to see the dead have roughly shaped eyes, unlike normal people who have roundly shaped eyes.


Not much is known about the actual foundation of the town, but it is known that during the early 1700's the local Judge sentenced a suspected witch named Agatha to death by hanging. In anger the witch cursed those who judged her and the rest of the town. After her hanging, she was buried under a tree outside of town.

Notable LocationsEdit

Town HallEdit

The old Town Hall is where Agatha Prenderghast was tried and placed her cure on those who wronged her, before she was hanged. Years later it became the record office, Norman and his friend had went there to find the location of Agatha's grave.

Blithw Hollow SchoolEdit

Agatha's GraveEdit

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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