Pitch and rapunzel
BlackGold (also known as Pitchunzel or Pitchzel) is the name of the pairing between Rapunzel Corona from Tangled and Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians. While not as popular as the Jackunzel or Cold & Dark, this pairing attracts several very loyal followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Through fanfiction, YouTube videos, as well as fanart, this pairing began to form. A small number of fans go as far as using Rapunzel's magical hair to heal, tame, and/or release the fearling's hold on Kozmotis Pitchner altogether.

Similar to BlackIce and Cold & Dark, the pair share a fair amount of loneliness. For most of her life, Rapunzel had been locked away in her tower and shut out of society while Pitch fought to regain the belief he once had only to be an outcast. Both were forced into their situations in one way or another and both attempted to escape from them. Some like to compare Rapunzel's spring-like radiance to that of Pitch's first wife or their daughter Emily Jane.

Some have paired them only as a possible plot for Pitch to exploit her magical hair for his own personal gain, but others have paired them romantically, making it beneficial for both of them.

Although the time line the relationship could occur is unclear, some put them together during the Big Four, during or after the Rise of the Guardians, or before in an AU before Kozmotis became Pitch Black. 

The couple would be commonly be shipped, for those who ship Frostbite

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