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Big Inside Home (also known as Home Big Hero 6 Inside Out) is a crossover between three animated movies consisting of Big Hero 6 (2014), Inside Out (2015) and Home (2015). In this crossover, the main characters are Hiro Hamada, Riley Anderson and Tip Tucci. This EU is considered an amalgam of Inside Heroes and Big Home.

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First appeared through Fanart after the premiere of Inside Out, characters Tip and Riley joined because they were popular characters in movies of 2015, both female and two very famous films CGI year. Then it was decided to add to the character of Hiro, to coincide with the Hirip and Hiriley pairings.

Big Inside Home is not as popular as the Modern Four, but has a loyal following.

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Hiro Hamada Riley Andersen Tip Tucci
Hiro Hamada Hirocest Hiriley Hirip
Riley Andersen Hiriley Rilcest Tipley
Tip Tucci Hirip Tipley Tipcest

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