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Big Hero Robinsons (also known as Meet the Hero 6) is the name of the crossover between the two CGI animated films Big Hero 6 and Meet the Robinsins. While this crossover is not very widespread it still has several loyal fans.

About the CrossoverEdit

In the crossover fans like to imagine Hiro as an intern at Robinsons Industries and Cornelius Robinson taking Hiro under his wing, or Wilbur being a young Tadashi.

Popular ShipsEdit

Hiro Hamada Tadashi Hamada Baymax GoGo Tomago Honey Lemon Wasabi Fred Yokai
Lewis Robinson Hirowis Tadawis Lewmax/ Baywis Lewgogo Lewoney/ Honewis Lewasabi Fredlewis/ Frewis
Wilbur Robinson Wilro/ Hirbur Wildashi/ Tadabur Wilbmax/ Baybur Wilgo/ Gobur Honilbur/ Wiloney Wilsabi/ Wasilbur Frebur/ Wilred Yokbur/ Wilokai
Franny Robinson Hiranny
Bud Robinson Budiro
Lucille Robinson Luciro/ Hille/ Lucillhiro
Joe Robinson Hirjoe/ Joeiro
Billie Robinson Billiro/ Hillie
Fritz Robinson Friro/ Hiritz
Petunia Robinson Petuniro/ Hirunia
Tallulah Robinson Talliro/ Hirollulah/ Tallulahiro Tadallulah/ Tadllulah/ Talldashi
Laszlo Robinson Lasziro Ladashi/ Lashi/ Tadaszlo
Gaston Framagucci Gastiro Tadaston
Art Framagucci Artiro/ Hirt/ Aro Tadart Artmax/ Bayart
Spike and Dimitri Robinson
Carl the Robot Caro/ Hiral Tadarl/ Cardashi Carlmax
Michael ''Goob'' Yagoobian Hichael/ Miro Michadashi/ Tadael Yokaichael/ Michokai/ Yokchael

Popular AUsEdit

Popular EUsEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit


  • by Waystrong (hamadarobinsonrobotics)


  • by AnMalnKa
  • by DAsKeTcHeRZ
  • by Waystrong (hamadarobinsonrobotics)
  • by Waystrong (hamadarobinsonrobotics)
  • by Waystrong (hamadarobinsonrobotics)
  • by Waystrong (hamadarobinsonrobotics)

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