Big guardian 6 part 13
Big Guardian 6
is the name of the crossover between Rise of the Guardians and Big Hero 6. It is quite a popular concept in the RotBTD fandom.

About the CrossoverEdit

There are several scenarios that fans like to imagine for this crossover. The most common and popular scenario is when Tadashi becomes a Guardian after he dies--most fans like to give him fire powers, due to the fact that he died in a fire. In this scenario, fans like to have Tadashi meet Jack Frost (either as friends or romantically) and the other Guardians, and keep watch over his little brother Hiro.

The other well-known scenario involves Hiro meeting up with Jack Frost instead. After Tadashi passes away, Jack is the one to bring fun and happiness back into Hiro's life.

Popular ShipsEdit

Jack Frost Nicholas St. North E. Aster Bunnymund Toothiana Sanderson Mansnoozie Pitch Black
Hiro Hamada Jackiro Hiorth Bunniro Toothiro Sandiro Hitch
Tadashi Hamada Jadashi Tadaorth Tadaunny Toodashi/ Toothashi Tadandy Tadaith/ Tadashitch/ Pitadashi
Baymax Bayfrost Bayorth Bayunny/ Baymund/ Bunnymax Bayiana
GoGo Tomago Jackgo Gogorth Gobunny Gogoothiana/ Gogoiana/ Toothtomage
Wasabi Jacabi
Honey Lemon Jackoney Bunney/ Honeybunney Honeytooth
Fred Freck
Robert Callaghan/Yokai Callack/ Jackai Yokitch/ Callaitch

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