Bela 1
Vital statistics
Title Bela
Gender Male
Film Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
Status Alive
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black/Dark-Grey
Friends Vlad (formerly)
Enemies Dennis, Winnie
"I smell HUMANS!"

Bela is Vlad's right-hand man, leader of his Bat Cronie Army and antagonist of Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015).



Bela, Winnie and Dennis

Bela with Winnie and Dennis.

Unlike his master, Bela is shown to be energetic and easily worked up for little to no reason. He is prone to going into a rage whenever the slightest bit of news is made and has to be told to stop shouting by Vlad. He seems to possess a deep-seated hatred of humans, taking matters into his own hands and calls upon his bretheren, hunting down Dennis and Winnie with intentions of eating them.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It could be assumed that, like other monsters, Bela is essentially immortal.

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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