Baymax's Healthcare Chip
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Vital Information
Title Baymax's Healthcare Chip
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Available
Current Location Inside Baymax
Current Owners Baymax
Previous Owners Tadashi Hamada
"Programmed him with over 10,000 medical procedures. This chip is what makes Baymax 'Baymax'."
— Tadashi Hamada

Baymax's Healthcare Chip is a software chip programmed by Tadashi Hamada.  


The chip is a small, thin software cartridge. It has hardware structure coated in a protective green-plastic shell (showing mild imperfections) with an ornate doctor-symbol on the side and duct-tape labeled 'Tadashi Hamada' written in black marker.


Made by Tadashi Hamada, the Healthcare Chip was designed with all of the programming necessary for Baymax to fulfill his duties, having recorded over 10,000 medical procedures and essentially Baymax's mode of thought, memories and personality. The chip can also apparently download more data to his database for proper use, as Baymax was able to download all the data necessary for dealing with emotional pain wirelessly through the internet instantaneously.

When this chip is removed - leaving only his fighting chip - Baymax loses all semblance of compassion and humanity and is compelled to do whatever violent actions he is instructed to do.

Much like with some disc-based video games, it is shown that Baymax is able to function without the chip for short periods of time, expressing doubts about Hiro's judgment when he removes the chip and removing it himself so that Hiro could build him a new body. However, it is unknown for how long he can function without it and just how this affects him.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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