Baymax's Fighting Chip
Baymax's Fighting Chip
Vital Information
Title Baymax's Fighting Chip
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Unavailable (as Hiro replaced it with the Superhero Chip)
Current Location Inside Baymax's old body
Current Owners Baymax (original)
Previous Owners Hiro Hamada (creator)
I don't see how Karate makes me a better healthcare companion?
― Baymax

Baymax's Fighting Chip is a software chip programmed by Hiro Hamada after they uncovered a plot for San Fransokyo.


The chip is a small, thin software cartridge. It has hardware structure coated in a protective red-plastic shell (showing mild imperfections) with a silver skull and cross bones draw on a black label on the side.


Made by Hiro Hamada, the Fighting Chip was designed with the art of karate that was downloaded from a video so Baymax could stop and fight Yokai. Unlike the healthcare chip it doesn't hold his database for proper use, which prevents him from harming people.

When the is green chip removed - leaving only his red chip - Baymax loses all semblance of compassion and humanity and is compelled to do whatever violent actions he is instructed to do.

Much like with some disc-based video games, it is shown that Baymax is able to function without the chip for short periods of time, expressing doubts about Hiro's judgment when he removes the healthcare chip and removing it himself so that Hiro could build him a new body. However, it is unknown for how long he can function with only his fighting skill program and just how this affects him.

Baymax Superhero Chip

Baymax's Superhero Chip

In Big Hero 6: The Series the chip is replaced with the Superhero Chip when Hiro rebuild Baymax. It may contain fighting data like the original red chip before it, but unlike the fighting chip Hiro made sure that it guaranteed Baymax could not succumb to violence should his original chip be removed, again. In addition, the Superhero chip gave Baymax information on superhero heroics.

Role in the CrossoverEdit