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Audcest is one of the more unusual pairings, pairing up Audrey from The Lorax (2012) with an alternate incarnation of herself. Although the pairing is relatively rare, it does have a few supporters within the fandom

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Normal Audrey Edit

This Audrey is the normal character from the movie. She is the initial inspiration for Ted to find a tree, as she harbors a deep love for them and longs to see one, even to the point of painting murals of Truffula Trees on the walls of her house. She also helped Ted to plant the last Truffula Tree Seed in the center of ThneedVille. This is the official Audrey in the Lorax Fandom.

Queen Audrey Edit

This Audrey is Ted's fantasy, where he imagines kissing her for her birthday. She is generally much like her reality counterpart except she is usually somewhat shy and, being a fantasy, may pay more attention to Ted.

Green Audrey Edit

This Audrey is the evil version of Audrey, who is similar to "Greed-ler", the Once-ler's evil counterpart. In some cases, this form of Audrey is paired up with the Once-ler.

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