Arcade Prizes
Wreck-it-ralph-disneyscreencaps com-11033
Vital Information
Title Medal, Coin(s), Trophy
Film Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Status Available (in the games)
Current Location Within the Arcades games
Current Owners the Games (digital) Characters
Previous Owners The Arcade's (human) players

The Arcade Prizes are medals, coins, trophies and points that the game's characters keep once they help players win their games.


Each game in Litwak's Arcade have their own digital prize. Some are Medals, Coins, Cups and Points.   


While players (might) win tickets and digital medals and points (which gives them confidants), but the game's characters keep the medals and cups (while the points restart for the next player in-theory).

A medal is what got Ralph to go Turbo and Vanellope von Schweetz to make him one incase she didn't win and get 'his' medal back.

  • Fix-It Felix, Jr: Once the players win Felix earns a Fix-It Medal before Wreck-It Ralph gets thrown off the roof.
  • Sugar Rush: While players help Sugar Rush Racers win the Winner's Cup, the racers use the coins in it to pay their way into the race once the arcade is closed (for the night) and the (choose your racer) board reloads for the next nine (daily) racers.
  • Vanellope's Medal: The medal Vanellope made for Ralph may not be real medal and made out of gold, like the medals Feliix wins and the one Ralph won in Hero's Duty: but to Ralph it made him like a real hero. Vanellope was worried that she wouldn't be able to come in first place and get the Medal of Heroes back from the cup, so she made a 'back up' for her friend.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

They can be used in the Arcade AU as the Big Four and other characters try to win them through players.


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