Frozen vs tangled anna and rapunzel by eminaytor-d69macr

 (also known as Rapanna) is the name of the pairing between Princess Anna from Frozen and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Anna and Rapunzel are similar in several ways. Both girls are princesses with bubbly, optimistic personalities, and both were locked away from the world for many years of their lives. Because of this, fans belive that the two would relate to each other's years of lonliness and get along very well. Their happy personalities would bounce off of each other, and the two would likely enjoy spending time together and sharing tales of magic. Many fans believe that they may be cousins, or at least good friends, but some believe that their relationship would blossom into something more.

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