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Annacest  is one of the more unusual ships in the fandom, pairing Princess Anna of Arendelle from Frozen (2013) with an alternate incarnations of herself. Though not widely popular in the RotBTD fandom,

Relationship OverviewEdit

In this pairing, different incarnations of Anna are paired in a multitude of selfcest combinations.

Young AnnaEdit

Young Anna is the younger version of Anna which is shown at the beginning of Frozen, she and her sister get along, until accidentally freeze your head and Trolls the recover, but deciendole not cupe his powers, Anna begins to be alone away from her sister and shown locked and hyperactive. Later when their parents die, she is sad and tries unsuccessfully to socialize with her sister.

Princess AnnaEdit

Future AnnaEdit

Popular AUsEdit

Know ExamplesEdit


Note: Please add only ones that are part of the RotBTD fandom

Mockup ArtEdit


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