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Anastasia AU 
is an AU in the fandom where the Big Four play roles in 20th Century Fox's Anastasia.

About this AUEdit

Spawning from fanart, this AU places the Big Four, and other such characters in the fandom, as characters from Anastasia.

Anastasia AU is most commonly used for the Jackunzel or Hijack pairing.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is more commonly portrayed as a male Anastasia, the youngest son/daughter and one of two surviving members of the Imperial family, with Toothless as the dog, Pooka. Hiccup is also portrayed as Dimitri for the Mericcup pairing.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack is commonly portrayed as Dimitri, a young con man and former servant of Tsar Nicholas II, who helped the two surviving Imperials escape. While Jack forgetting his past and former life with his family, before remembering it again can also cast him as a male Anastasia.

Merida DunBrochEdit

In the Mericcup and Jarida pairings, Merida is portrayed as Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the Imperial family as Hiccup or Jack, the young con man and former servant who helped the princess and her mother/grandmother escape. Her necklace can serve as Anastasia's necklace (and key to the Music-Box), with the words "Together in DunBroch" on the back.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is cast as the lost princess Anastasia, as the two share a similar story and come from royal families that are looking for their lost children. Her tiara can serve as the crown that Marie had given to Anastasia, as both girls wore them when they took up their royal roles.

Extra CharactersEdit

Pitch BlackEdit

Pitch is commonly portrayed as the dangerous, power-mad sorcerer Rasputin, the man who cast a curse that would claim the lives of all but two members of the Imperial family: Anastasia and Marie.

Nicholas St. NorthEdit

As Jack plays Dimitri, North is portrayed as his friend and former nobleman that helps Anastasia find her inner princess, Vladimir/Vlad, with Toothiana as Marie's cousin, Sophie.


Tooth is cast between Marie's cousin, Sophie for the ChristmasCookie pairing, and Anastasia for the Frostbite pairing. As both roles are of people that are royals, the power of memory being part of the story and with Tooth being the queen of her fairies.

Queen Arianna of CoronaEdit

Much like how Dowager Empress Marie offered money for those who bring her granddaughter safely back to her, Arianna and her husband send thousands of lanterns into the night sky, so their daughter could find her way home. This role is commonly given to her when Rapunzel is Anastasia and her husband as the Tsar.


Toothless is commonly portrayed as Anya/Anastasia's dog, Pooka. As a small black dog or a miniature Night Fury.

Queen ElsaEdit

Elsa is cast as Anastasia, while her father plays the Tsar and her sister as a younger Marie, as she looks for her sister. She can also be cast as Marie, when the role of Anastasia is given to Anna. The round jewellery box, that Elsa used with the candlestick when she was practicing for her coronation, can be used as the small music box that given to young Anastasia by her grandmother.

Princess AnnaEdit

Anna is seen as Anastasia, when Kristoff or Hans is Dimitri. She can also be a younger version of Marie, as she looks for her missing and still believes to be alive sister.

Kristoff BjorgmanEdit

Since Kristoff is a commoner that fell in love with a royal and traveled with her for a bit, he can easily be given the role of Dimitri. When Anna is Anastasia.

Queen ElinorEdit

Elinor is commonly portrayed as Dowager Empress Marie, even when the part of her granddaughter is being played by Hiccup or Elsa than just Merida.


Since Heather carries around an item that connects to her past and her birth family, and longs to find and reunite with them, she can be cast as Anastasia.

Flynn RiderEdit

Because of his poor and cunning past, and had carried a royal item that helped someone realize who she is, Flynn is seen as Dimitri with Rapunzel as Anastasia. While Flynn's childhood friend (from the Tangled TV series), Lance Strongbow serves as Vladimir.

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