Alistair Krei
Alistair Krei Big Hero 6
Vital statistics
Title Alistair Krei
Gender Male
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Alive
Hair Color Dirty-Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Enemies Yokai
"Listen to the kid, Callaghan. Please let me go. I'll give you anything you want!"
—Alistair Krei

Alistair Krei is the CEO of Krei Tech in the 2014 Disney animated feature, Big Hero 6.



Alistair Krei is a somewhat complex man morally. As a business man, he was always on the search for something new and used his wealth and intelligence to create amazing inventions that would earn him money. He even had connections with the government and would often sell some of his bigger inventions to them. However, as Callaghan has stated during his introduction, he has been known to cut corners and the science behind his inventions is somewhat questionable. This was demonstrated when he was warned the transportation portal was malfunctioning but proceeded to test it with Abigail as the test subject, only to have the machine fail. It can be assumed that as a businessman what mattered most to him was making money by being profitable and taking risks with his inventions (some of which were unstable) without understanding the consequences of his actions.

He seems to be the person that is not usually rejected and not very receptive to it, as shown when Hiro rejected Krei's offer to buy his microbots, he was clearly disappointed, saying he thought Hiro was smarter than that, before coldly handing back the Microbot he took. He also seemed to believe money was the answer to everything, as he continued to bombard Hiro with buying his invention, saying he would give him more money than any fourteen year old could imagine.

However, despite all of this, he did not seem necessarily evil as he did not seem to mean any actual harm towards Abigail and never committed any actual felons towards anyone but simply never considered the consequences of his actions. Though he did state during his toast to his company there were a few setbacks, it is unknown if he was referring to Abigail at all or possibly other people harmed by his inventions. He seemed cowardly as he feared Callaghan and stated he would be willing to do anything for him, but Callaghan wanted his revenge. He is also shown to take pride in his company, having built it from scratch through hard work over the years, implying he may have come from a simpler background (though this remains to be debated).

He seems to have taken a liking to Big Hero 6 as well, due to them rescuing him from Callaghan's grasp and it is implied at the end that he is slowly beginning to learn his lesson for the error of his ways as he builds a showcase hall in Tadashi's honor.

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