Alchemized Pixie Dust
Vital Information
Title Alchemized Pixie Dust
Film The Pirate Fairy (2013)
Status Available
Current Location N/A
Current Owners Zarina
Previous Owners

Alchemized Pixie Dust is a magical glitter-like powder created by Zarina through "Pixie Dust Alchemy".


Alchemized pixie dust is typically seen as a fluorescent sand-like substance. The colors of the dust depend on the properties of the ingredients.


With her experimentation, Zarina eventually developed the sub-talent called "Pixie Dust Alchemy", using a mass of regular pixie dust, a mix of natural ingredients and a piece of blue pixie dust, creating unique forms of pixie dust. These mixers each have their own unique colors and properties, each with the ability to change a fairies' talents (a feat originally thought impossible):

  • Orange: Light; Grants the abilities of a Light-Talent Fairy and enables them to manipulate, control, and create light for various purposes, including moving sunbeams and giving fireflies their glow.
  • Yellow: Animal; Grants the abilities of a Animal-Talent Fairy and enable them to communicate with and control animals.
  • Green: Tinker; Grants the intellectual and intuitive abilities of a Tinker-Talent Fairy and enables them to forge and create, mend and repair, modify and upgrade anything they make with ease.
  • Cyan/Teal: Water; Grants the abilities of a Water-Talent Fairy and enables them to manipulate water.
  • Violet: Fast Flying; Grants the abilities of a Fast-Flying-Talent Fairy and enables them to fly faster and even control the air itself to create breezes, winds, and even whirlwinds.
  • Pink: Garden; Grants the abilities of a Garden-Talent Fairy and enables them to create and control plant life and vegetation.

Supposed Pixie Dust Abilities (rumored but never seen in use)

  • White: Frost; Grants the abilities of a Frost-Talent Fairy and enables them to control ice and coat things in frost.
  • Gray: Storm; Grants the abilities of a Storm-Talent Fairy and enables them to control the weather and generate lightning.

Her pixie dust's can also restore a fairy's lost/swapped out abilities, as well as augment a Fairy's abilities far beyond what they already could do. She may also be able to give these dust powers to other characters and/or creatures (such as making a person fly with golden dust).

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Due to the fact that this dust can be used on other creatures other than fairies (ex: golden dust making people fly), it is theorized and used by fanfiction writers that members of the Big Four, the Guardians, and/or others can be empowered and/or gain an increase in their already existing powers; in other words these dust are used as power amplifiers or bestow new powers.